How to Answer the Interview Question: “What has been your biggest achievement?”

One question that is often asked in a job interview is “What has been your biggest achievement?”. Professionals often find answering this question troublesome and tricky, especially when they haven’t prepared in advance. For some others, they don’t think that boasting about themselves is a good idea.


If you are asked such a question in a job interview, consider yourself lucky. Not everyone gets a chance to share their career accomplishments during the selection process. It is important to plan for this behavioral question and impress the interviewers. Some important aspects to keep in mind while forming an answer for “What has been your biggest achievement?” question are –


Connect Your Achievement to the Job

To keep the interviewers hooked, you need to tell them about your skill sets, results you achieved, and how these skills match the requirements of the job for which you are interviewing. Pull out the data and present the most suitable facts before the interviewers. Sharing figures and statistics is a sure shot way to show how you can go above and beyond requirements.


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You can come up with a statement like this –

“My supervisor asked me to investigate a bottleneck in the production line. I did some research and suggested some measures like redesigning of the layout to ensure more efficient functioning of the production units. It worked well, increased production by up to 20% and the design was adopted by all our branches.”


Add Credibility to Your Accomplishment

Interviewers are smart enough to decide if you are the best suited for the position. To sound more credible, provide some examples of how you managed a particular task and achieved a certain outcome. It will be great if you have an appreciation letter from your employer. This will testify your claims.


Recruiters don’t want to hire any miracle man/woman, they just need someone who can smartly take up the task and show results. Say something like this –


Consider What You Value

It’s up to you to decide how you describe yourself as a professional. You can cite incidents when you got a pat on your back or the work for which you were given internal progression. For sales professionals, hitting the targets is the best thing, so take your pick how you want to frame your answer.

If you are still not able to make out what to say, think about the top three great achievements of your career. You can compare your top accomplishments and decide which will be the best one and the most suitable to speak about. This approach can help you list your accomplishments in a better way.


Keep it Professional

It is always a good idea to give a professional touch to your answer, but do not give too much insight into your personal life, as no one is interested in it. Think about the successful projects you have worked actively on and state how you contributed to their success.


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Keep it Short and Crisp

Don’t make your career accomplishment too lengthy as it may get boring. You don’t want your interviewers to fall asleep when you are speaking. You just need to mention your accomplishments, while providing the results for the same in a short and crisp manner.

Suppose you are a professional with years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, you can frame your reply as –

“With so many years working in this domain, I believe I have had a number of achievements till date. It would be difficult for me to say that which has been my greatest accomplishment as they were all are important. Let me focus on my recent achievements for your clearer understanding.”

You can then go on to describe your relevant and recent accomplishments.

Avoid These

The most common mistakes which professionals usually make include –

  • Not focusing on the job specification

  • “Bragging” about themselves more than required

  • Belittling their own great achievements

  • Not providing real-life examples of the accomplishments

  • Lying about an accomplishment


Some Examples

Be proud of whatever accomplishments you have!

Keep in mind that the employer is looking out for someone who is not just skilled, but somebody who has also moved the needle in his/her company by thinking out of the box and performed with sheer excellence. Don’t end up talking about foolish stuff before the interviewer. Be honest and frame your sentences smartly.


All the best for your interview!


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