How to cope with stress during the current crisis?

The current situation has changed the way we all used to work. The new normal includes flexible working conditions including work from home, practicing social distancing, and keeping yourself safe and healthy. However, fear and anxiety about the crisis can certainly be overwhelming and can lead to a lot of stress for many. You might find yourself juggling between work and home most of the times. You must be very careful about not only your physical strength but mental well-being too.
Stress Management Tips

It is highly important that you build resilience and manage stress; be personal or professional and know where to go if you need help. With the help of this article, we are sharing some quick tips to help professionals like you to de-stress.

Work-Related Stress

• Do not hesitate to reach out to your co-workers and managers, as and when required. If you are stressed because of work or need help, there is nothing wrong in consulting with your own people. They can help you create a solution, overcome the issues and aid you in achieving a work life balance.

• Make the most of your current resources to get the work done and do not stress over the things which are beyond your control. If you have given the best to your abilities, you should not worry!

• Don’t lose sight of a routine. Develop a daily work timetable to get into a habit of Working from Home – ideally like the one you had before the crisis. The only difference is that you are not going to the office. This will help you increase your sense of control and bring consistency in your daily work.

• Avoid procrastination. Create a necessary to-do list by priority and assign yourself realistic deadlines. Complete your tasks on time and see the difference in your stress levels. If you’re stuck somewhere, ask your manager and take the collective responsibility to build a positive culture than overthinking about issues.

• Take breaks while working. This will increase your focus and hence the productivity. Set a regular time to have your meals. Do not skip meals.

• During your non-working hours, try to indulge into activities that you love doing.

Personal Stress

• Socializing is an essential human need and definitely a great way to de-stress. Well, amid the current crisis, don’t miss out to connect with your near and dear ones via phone, text messages, email, social media or video sharing tools. Share your concerns with the people you trust. Keep them informed about your well-being, share thoughts.

• Most importantly, don’t keep reading or watching about the pandemic repeatedly! This can create negative emotions and you might find yourself exhaustive of just reading and listening about this. It is good to stay informed but choose your updates wisely. Understand the risk and try to contribute to your society in any possible way.

• Get enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Though it may sound contradictory, but the fact is that the more you put physical stress on your body through exercise, the more it relieves mental stress. It also promotes confidence. Do try!

• Laugh heartily: Don’t laugh occasionally, laugh often and heartily. Laughter improves immune system as well as mood and cut down on stress. take up activities that you love doing.

Remember, all of us are sailing in the same boat. This situation will eventually pass, and life will move on. Stressing over stuff unnecessarily will not lead you anywhere and will only affect your well-being and peace. If something is bothering you over time now, sit and think through a solution than worrying too much.

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