Best Interview Outfits: How to Dress for a Job Interview?

Dressing for Job Interview

Austin Kleon rightly said, “You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and you have to start doing the work you want to be doing.” The first step towards doing the work that you want is to interview for the job that you have been eyeing and impressing the interviewer. Job interviews are all about first impressions and wearing an appropriate interview outfit can help you a great deal with that.

Do you have a job interview approaching? Are you wondering what to wear to the job interview? If yes, you are in the right place. This article talks about industry-specific tips on how to choose formal attire for an interview. Hope this helps.


How to Dress for an Interview? (By Industry)


Choosing Interview Outfits for the Corporate/Legal Industry

When interviewing for positions in the corporate/legal industry, a polished look is more appropriate. Choose neutral colors and absolutely avoid loud and big prints. Accessories to a bare minimum to ensure that the interviewer’s attention is not taken away from you. Stick to the classics such as well-tailored dress pants or power suit as they give a sharp, prim and proper look.


Choosing Interview Outfits for the Advertising/PR/Sales/Retail Industry

Industries such as advertising, PR, sales, retail, consulting, etc. are primarily client facing industries. In order to convince clients to buy products or services, one has to sell their appearance once. For this reason, such professionals should follow a strict dress code and look groomed, as they are the face of their companies. Dressing in such a way will help the interviewers picture you in the role. Pair formal suits with light colored shirts.

Appropriate interview outfits for women interviewing for client-facing roles includes polished classics such as shift dresses, or the combining well-tailored blazer with formal pants and shirt. Women professionals can also go for soft fabrics such as cashmere or chiffon, as they give a formal yet relaxed look making you appear friendlier. Also, accessories to a bare minimum.


Choosing Interview Outfits for the IT/Tech//Design Industry

IT, Tech, and Design companies usually have a more casual environment. While it is not necessary to wear a formal suit to the job interview, that does not mean that you can appear casually dressed as well. You may ditch the formal suit jacket, but wear formal dress pants and a shirt to play safe.


Choosing Interview Outfits for the Banking/Finance Industry

The most important traits that employees look for in banking/finance professionals is thoroughness and confidence. When choosing an outfit for a job interview for these industries, put together a look that makes you appear meticulous and self-assured. For male professionals, picking a dark-colored formal suit paired with a light-colored shirt can help achieve the desired look. Women professionals can also opt for formal pants, dark-colored tights or a skirt over a basic shirt paired with a formal blazer.


Choosing Interview Outfits for the Media/Journalism Industry

Professionals associated with media and journalism industries have a lot of flexibility in terms of dress code. The industry appreciates professionals with a strong personality and reflecting that in your interview outfit will surely win you brownie points. You can play around with fabrics and colors. You can even opt for decent prints just make sure that you look presentable and confident.


Choosing Interview Outfits for the Engineering Industry

The dress code for the engineering industry borders around casual-professional lines. Therefore, it is important to put together a well-thought-out interview outfit. Both men and women can opt for dark denim and a tucked-in formal shirt.


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