Some Tips on “How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview” ?

Congrats on securing an interview for your dream job. Understand this thing that there are few generic questions which every interviewer asks and your interviewer will not be untouched by this trend. One of the most common questions is- Tell us something about yourself?” or “Introduce yourself”!

You must be wondering that you have given all your professional details on your CV still these people are asking you to tell them about yourself. You need to keep this in mind that your interviewers are not there to torture you, instead, this question can be considered as an icebreaker where they want to make you feel comfortable. Also, this interview question helps them to understand how your experience is pertinent to the job they are interviewing you for.

When replying to Tell us something about yourself?your aim should be to tell the recruiter that –

You are the right candidate for the position you have applied for

You will fit into the company culture and are a good resource to work with

You won’t quit shortly after being hired


Here are some tips to combat this dreaded question.


1. Frame Your Response Properly

a. Briefly talk about what you have been doing and how you have contributed to the projects you are working for. Consider this as a “Professional Summary”, which you mention on the top of your CV.

b. Discuss your problem-solving skills with appropriate examples. Give your interviewers some details about your career progression. Hit the high points only and don’t get into too much detail.

c. Finally, tell the interviewer why you are the perfect fit for the role in question.


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2. Be Specific About Your Achievements

Recruiters want to hear something concrete from you. List your achievements as it will help the recruiters to understand what you are good at. Your interviewer would know what difference you made at your place of work. Let the numbers talk and don’t say vague things like “I have good project management skills”.

For example, if you are appearing for a digital marketing role, you can frame your response like this –

“I am XYZ and have been in the digital marketing industry for over five years. I have been handling social media for the brand lately and our team has recently won an award for our innovative approach to generate the leads and save money for the business. Our team overachieved our targets and marked a growth of X%. I want to further deepen my knowledge of social media strategy and I believe your company will help bring out the best in me.”


3. Be Prepared for Proceeding Questions

As soon as you share some achievement with your interviewers, they will be interested to know how you achieved it. Just focus on data and numbers and tell them your approach in short and the results achieved.


4. Provide a Call to Action

Let your interviewer know what you are looking for and how much you are interested in the profile. Hiring managers like confident people who are passionate about their work. Self-promotion doesn’t work. Just be honest about your work and express yourself in the most professional way.


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Introduce yourself to every one present in the room

Shake hands with everyone firmly

Highlight your positive attributes and transferable skills

Wash your hands to avoid sweaty palms and keep your handkerchief handy

Practice your answer in front of the mirror, prior to the interview



Spend hours in self-praising

Badmouth your current employer

Give lengthy introductions

Share business secrets and details of your current employer

Give your personal details like hobbies, your pet’s name or your favorite food


Don’t feel stumped by this question. Take it as an opportunity to introduce yourself in a job interview as the perfect candidate for the position. Make sure you don’t fumble or give vague answers. Prepare for this beforehand as it will be surely asked. Come up with a structured response, which is specific and relevant, while being impressive. Answer confidently!


All the best for your interview!


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