How To Maintain The Right Work Balance During Ramadan

How To Maintain The Right Work Balance During Ramadan-1

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Ramadan, a period that’s nothing less than a harbinger of blessings and positive results for everyone across the world seems to be kicking in with full throttle in the work arena too. With a multitude of employees practicing the period with full faith, corporations round the globe are looking forward to devise the hack to maintain an optimum level of work efficacy during this holy month.

This might boggle your mind by a modicum, but what can be the most effective yet viable ways for you to not let the work productivity fall by even a notch?

Obviously, professionals tend to move in a different beat altogether, with business hours shortening, meal hours being cut down stringently and evening hours being packed with social get-togethers.

But yes, there still are ways you can ace your way through it and come up as an efficacious employee. The following section will seek to throw some light over the same.


1. Fit Everything into a Viable Schedule

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Yes, it requires you to be strict regarding your meals, sleeping hours and every bit of luxury you enjoy during rest of the year. It’s about time you stop worrying over the fact and start designing a solution for the same.

Start with crafting a schedule that encompasses all your chores, right from your lunch to the working hours (with appropriate breaks).

Might sound a bit wayward, but what you eat has some serious implications on your energy levels. There needs to be a proper balance between the carbs, proteins and vitamin levels you intake for you to not feel sluggish during work hours.

Lethargy is the prime cause for work productivity to dip down steeply. Hence, with a positive outlook in mind, just work with an attitude that the wages you earn require some hard work in spite of the fasting you’re undergoing presently.



2. Utilize Your Resources Optimally

There’s no point running from the fact that your working hours will fall during Ramadan. Be it going for an efficacious job-hunt or putting in extra efforts for the one you already have, work orientation does get effected.

But what most of the Middle Eastern corporations have been doing of late is dropping the on-ground hours in the office and making a mid-day meal necessary during work-hours. For sure, this has reduced the number of hours you get to drive out results, but you have all resources available nevertheless.

What the situation requires from you is to use them in an optimum manner. Start prioritizing your work and assign all resources at your disposal to tasks that are urgent and demand some consideration. Building on the previous point, this can only be possible if you choose realistic time-frames and be ethical during work hours. A multitude of employees are observed investing all their resources in futile processes, just to gorge out results in a short span and make it big. Well, this is just a sign of working hard, and not smart!


3. Be Patient and Design a Plan for After Work Hours As Well!

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Foremost, this step entails listing down the challenges that you might face during the day and being prepared for them with all the peace in this world. Considering the fact that peace of mind plays a major role in achieving workplace challenges, things like hostile working environment in office, workload creeping up at a rapid pace and unsatisfactory results. All these require for you to be patient and spot loopholes that are inhibiting your work accomplishments.

In addition to this, the key to being a successful employee during this period is being deliberate in every task you do during the day. Chores at work are nothing, when compared to those at home during Ramadan. So chalk out a plan for non-work hours and save some time to finish work assignments at home as well. This will not only give you the urge to push for greater results, but the confidence that you can still be efficient, as well.


4. Have a Vision and Look at the Bigger Picture

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While you might complain about the incompetency happening at work, there still are a plethora of tasks you can complete during this period. This might just be the opportunity for you to look at the company’s ongoing progress and evaluate business processes it functions with.

Look for processes that can be tweaked and disputes that can be resolved during the period. Plus, it might also be the perfect time for experimentation and trials for new techniques to step in.

Remember, the period tests you with respect to each aspect. A perfect balance is all that’s required to progress and planning is quite fundamental for the same. So, without further ado, get going. Allah has kept a lot in store for you this Ramadan!

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