How to Negotiate a Deserving Salary during COVID-19

You have successfully managed to land a job interview despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The interview process is done but you are yet to receive an offer letter. Probably your salary negotiation discussion is still pending. You are nervous about this salary discussion round due to the global health emergency and economic situation. To make things tense, some of your acquaintances are getting laid off by their companies. Also, businesses are suffering and the term ‘cost-cutting’ keeps ringing in your ears.

Considering everything, how should you go about negotiating your next salary now? Do not worry! We have you covered.

Here are some actionable tips to help you get going.

Mention solid references

You have landed a new job amid the coronavirus pandemic. So it has got to be a remote job at least for the time being. Maximum employers prefer face-to-face chats on the salary discussion day. So they may find it difficult to trust a remote candidate and therefore, they may not be willing to offer the salary you are asking for.

In order to reach your goal, please provide trustworthy references. Mention the names and contact details of co-workers you closely interact with. These are the people you trust will speak positively about you. Likewise, the references you give must be highly credible. So stick to the likes of your reporting manager or functional head or an HR spoc from a previous company. Recruiters have confirmed that senior colleague names and previous HR contacts can establish a stronger sense of trust any day.

Update your professional networking and job portal profiles

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, a candid discussion with your potential employer seems impossible. So please keep all your professional networking profiles up to date with no discrepancies whatsoever. Additionally, do a spring cleaning of your social media handles and delete all controversial or derogatory material (like text, statuses, political views, pictures, and video) from your profile. Hiring Managers would surely visit your professional networking handles now. They cannot meet you in person, which is all the more reason for them to check your profiles! So play smart and keep your social image clean, accurate, and truthful to offer a candid representation of yourself.

Make a beautiful work portfolio

Most job profiles and designations require a portfolio of work. In case you want a hike on your salary, showcase your worth. Prepare a visually appealing work portfolio that is catchy and neat. Add both professional and academic achievements in reverse chronological order for the best results.

For instance, if you are a backend developer, add screenshots and links of your products. Below them write a 100-word description of your job role. Then mention your academic degree and GPAs further below. Add screenshots of certificates and degrees if need be.

Give a genuine reason for switching

You are switching your job at a time when the whole world is under a social lockdown. So prepare a strong reason to convince the employer about your intentions. A reason like “I didn’t get along with my manager” will not work. Such explanations will show that you are not trustworthy.

Add proof of your productivity during WFH

Except first-timers and freshers, most of you are already working from home for your current employers. Or at some point in the recent past, you would have worked for a company. So when the HR tries to slash the expected salary by mentioning work from home as a reason, you have to counter them. Be firm and assure that you are as productive at home as you are in office. Talk about your track record during the past few weeks and talk about projects and tasks you have delivered. Mention appreciations and awards if any are firm and assertive while speaking.

Don’t be a victim of this crisis

We are all in a pandemic, agreed. That’s no reason for you to settling for less. Some companies might try to play their loss-card or victim card to take advantage of the situation in salary negotiation discussions. Kindly do not give in. Stand your ground and bargain hard. It’s, after all, a matter of your future. If they can roll out a job offer to you, they should pay the salary you deserve!

Know your worth

If you believe in yourself and you know from within that deserve a certain pay scale or pay package, stick to this thought. Without a hint of arrogance, but this message across to your new employer. Assure them that you are the right person for the job. In case the discussion is brief and you receive an offer letter, write down a detailed salary negotiation email. Justify your counteroffer with all the reasons why you think you deserve better.

The whole idea is to put a solid case forward in a salary negotiation discussion. Apply the above tactics when you negotiate and land a salary that you deserve. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic lurking outside, you can still keep on checking out other job opportunities in covid-19 pandemic suitable for your profile.

All the best!

Stay home. Stay safe.
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