How to Prepare for an Interview?

Got an interview scheduled? Preparing for an interview in advance can help you fill the necessary loops and boost your confidence.

Here are tips that can help you create a lasting impression on your hiring manager and prepare for a successful discussion.

Preparation before the job interview

1. Reply to an employer interview invitation

If a hiring manager has reached out to you for a job opportunity or an interview via email, it is important to reply to the interview invitation to confirm if you are attending or not. Draft a professional response to take your conversation to the next level. While replying, choose the option to ‘Reply All’ and not just the sender as the mail may carry the names of the other people at the employer’s side.
Next, thank them for the invitation and ask for the necessary details that may not have been in the invitation. Example: Interviewer’s name, designation, office location, etc. Lastly, confirm your attendance.

2. Be thorough with the given profile

Understand the responsibilities mentioned in the job description. It will help you know the company’s expectations and you can align yourself with the same. Next, note down your skills that match the requirements and are crucial to succeed at the job. It will also let you prepare as in why you consider yourself the best fit for the role.

3. Research the company

Going for a job interview unprepared can be the biggest mistake and result in a loss of a significant opportunity. Read as much as you can about the company. Know its vision, product, and services, competitors, leadership, work culture, etc. Start with the company’s website, which is certainly a good starting point for you. Nowadays, several sources offer you to go through the company reviews and peek into their culture.
In case you have any friends or acquaintances working in that company, don’t hesitate to take help. Additionally, know-how the company fares as compared to its competition. If possible, we recommend doing a brief SWOT analysis.
You can certainly impress the hiring manager if you are armed with the information and data.

4. Introduce yourself well in the interview

There are higher chances that you will be first asked to tell something about yourself, as this is one of the most common interview questions. Jot down the points you would want to share with the employer. Begin with your name, qualification followed by your current work experience and professional aspiration. Remember to keep it short and concise, Your hiring manager is not at all interested to listen to your life story.
This is also a great chance for you to introduce yourself in the interview and break the ice. So, consider it as one of the most important interview questions that can set the entire conversation on the right track.
Further, you can practice the interview with a friend or a family member. For example, if you are up for a telephonic round first, ask the friend to call you and practice answering over the call. Similarly, you can prepare for a one-on-one or a panel discussion.

5. Choose your clothes wisely

A perfect dress completes the overlook look for any occasion. Hence, always be careful while choosing to what to wear for your interview. Don’t make a last-minute selection. Ensure that your dress is ready beforehand. Look neat, tidy and well-groomed and avoid donning any unprofessional look like a cap, sneakers or a casual T-shirt. Go for formal attire.

6. Know the directions

Keep the address of the interview location handy to save yourself from being late. You may use apps like Google Maps to ensure heading in the right direction and figure out the fastest route. Check on parking, if it’s an issue. Also, it is a good idea to reach the location 10-15 mins prior and make yourself comfortable.

During the Job Interview

7. Maintain the right body posture

Your body posture says a lot about you, which makes it more important to get it right. During your interview, maintain a firm balance of your upper body while sitting straight. Do not stop or sit stiffly in the chair. Never hunch down as it may be seen as a lack of confidence on your part.

After the Job Interview

8. Send a Thank You Note

Sending a thank-you note after the interview shows your professional etiquette. It is also an opportunity to connect with the hiring manager, mentioning that you appreciate his or her time and what all you liked about the style of the interview. Also, you can restate your interest in the position, making a case for your candidature. End the note with a thank you.

9. Follow Up with the HR

In case you do not hear anything from HR within a week’s time, you can follow up via an email. Keep your letter short and to the point. Indicate that you’re looking for information regarding your selection, however, don’t show your over-enthusiasm or sound overeager. Always proofread before you send and ask for a period you should wait for. Even if you did not get through the interview, it will help you expand your professional network.

We hope the above checklist helps you prepare for a successful interview and you come out with flying colors. wishes you all the best for your future endeavors.


Interview Prepration FAQ’s

Q. Why is it important to prepare for an interview?

A. Interview preparation helps you get ready for all sorts of questions a hiring manager may ask. It helps you: –
1. Feel calmer
2. Appear confident
3. Put your best foot forward

Q. What is interview preparation checklist?

A. Here is what you should consider while preparing for the interview:
1. Read the job description thoroughly
2. Know about the company and its products and services
3. Get hard copies of your CV
4. Prepare the clothes you want to wear for the interview
5. Know the directions
6. Read answers to common interview questions
7. Practice with mock interviews

Q. How can I prepare for telephonic interview?

A. Follow these tips for a successful telephonic interview:
1. Research about the company, industry, and competition
2. Find about your interviewer
3. Consider answers to common interview questions
4. Prepare notes and keep them with you as a reference
5. Practice your answers
6. Find a no-distraction spot to talk
7. Introduce yourself professionally
8. Take the conversation ahead

Q. How to do last-minute interview preparation?

A. Last-minute interview preparation needs you to:-
1. Conduct basic interview research
2. Know about the company and its line of products
3. Think of the interview questions that can be asked
4. Prepare the responses in advance
5. Don’t forget to take the hard copy of your CV

Q. What are the most essential steps for interview preparation?

A. Go through the following essential interview preparation tips:
1. Know the company’s expectations
2. Understand the job description
3. See what part of the JD aligns most with your current profile
4. Make a note about the prospective company, its products and competitors
5. Prepare an answer to common interview questions
6. Be punctual and appear confident

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