How to Change Jobs in Dubai?

‘How to change a job in Dubai?’ is a question many professionals struggle with, especially those who are not the natives of the UAE. While being successful in ones Dubai job search requires employing the right strategies, changing jobs in Dubai requires one to tread carefully and following the laws to avoid being banned. To have a successful career in Dubai, it is important to maintain a clean employment record.

How to Change Jobs in Dubai

Are you looking to switch your job in Dubai? If yes, there are certain things you need to know before you begin your search. For example, in certain cases, professionals working in Dubai are required to complete two years with the present employer before they can look out for a job change.

It is also very important to stay up to date with the latest changes and new additions in the labor laws. For example, earlier it was mandatory for the employee to obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from the employer, but as per the latest regulation by the Ministry of Labour, it is no more a necessity.

Apart from the contractual obligations, the employee also has some moral obligations towards the employer as well. Outlined below are more such things you need to know while changing jobs in Dubai.

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Things to Take Care of while Changing Jobs in Dubai


1. The Labour Ban

If you fail to comply with the labor laws, you may have to face a labor ban ranging from 6 months to one year in duration.

– A six months long ban is imposed on employees who have agreed to the two-year contract with their employer but terminates it within the first six months itself.

– A 1-year ban is imposed on the request of an employer when an employee leaves or resigns from his/her job before the completion of the limited period agreed between them and mentioned in the signed contract.

Taking care of such basic things will ensure that your Dubai employment visa and work permit are not canceled and you are able to build your career and get better jobs in Dubai without any problems.

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2. Non-Competition Clause

According to this clause, the employee does not have the permission to join a competitor when switching jobs in Dubai. This clause does not imply if the employer fails to fulfill the conditions of the contract. The non-competition clause does not apply to anyone who is below 21 years of age. In addition, the clause is only applicable to limited job categories. Purpose of this clause is to safeguard an employer’s lawful interest and not to prevent the movement of workers.

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Exceptional Cases

The exceptional cases are some cases where you are eligible to get a work permit prior to the two-year obligation.

1. If you have a new offer that falls in either of the first, second or third category of professions that are defined by Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) and have a salary offer that is not less than Dh.12,000, Dh.7000 and Dh.5000 in class one, two and three respectively.

2. If you have no role in the termination of work relationship with the employer or if the labor contract is sacked due to the violation of labor and legal obligations towards the employee, the employee can switch jobs without any restrictions from the employer.

3. If you are shifting from a private company to a government or a semi-government organization.


What Do You Need To Do For Family Visas?

To change jobs in Dubai as an expatriate, you do not have to cancel visas of the members of the family falling under your sponsorship. Although, you will have to deposit a bank guarantee of Dh 5000 to DNRD for each family member. This deposit can be refunded when you obtain new residency permit and residence visas of the family members under your sponsorship. The amount is transferred directly to you without any additional fees.

Here is a list of documents you need to submit to DNRD for the transfer process –

– An application to the DNRD that seeks non-cancellation of visas of your family members that fall under your sponsorship

– A guarantee of Dh. 5000 to the bank

– Offer Letter from the new employer

– A new employment permit is issued by the Labour Ministry to the New sponsor

Such arrangements are made to streamline the procedure of changing jobs in Dubai for expatriates without disturbing the finances of the employee.

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Are Exit Interviews Important?

Of course, they are extremely important! Exit interviews aim to divulge the real reasons why the employee is leaving the organization. The businesses look forward to honest feedback to improve management practices and build a better workplace. It is always a good idea to prepare well for exit interviews when thinking of changing jobs in Dubai.

It is important to put your best forward in an exit interview. You need to be smart enough to speak positives about the company and keep the negatives with you. The process of change can be time taking. So when you are planning for the same, plan your process well in advance.

The process of change can be time taking. So when you are planning for the same, plan your process well in advance.

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A Piece of Advice

Never assume that a job change will be quick and simple. Some of the experts advise to leave the country for a period and return under a new agreement, to have the full support of your new employer. Don’t burn bridges with your current employer as you never know how the new workplace will be! Be positive and head for the change you wanted to have.


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