How to Write a Cover Letter That Stands Out? [Sample Included]

Behind every successful resume is a powerful and impactful cover letter. Most people think that cover letters are pointless and recruiters don’t have the time to read them. This is a very wrong notion and cover letter are indeed important for you to be able to successfully land a job interview. A well-written cover letter gives recruiters a peek into your qualifications, skills, and overall personality. It has the power to persuade the recruiter to open your resume understand you better as a prospective candidate for the position s/he is trying to fill.

Most don’t know how to write a cover letter that’s impressive but it isn’t as difficult as it seems like it is. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind and writing a cover letter that stands out won’t be that difficult. Before that, let’s first understand –



What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a supporting document you send with your resume.

Despite being a supporting document, the power of a well-written cover letter cannot be denied. Cover letters provide you with the Job opportunity in Dubai to sell your skills to the recruiter even before you are called for the job interview. The next section explains the importance of cover letters briefly.


Why are Cover Letters Important?

Cover letters are important for various reasons, such as–

1. Recruiters rarely come across good cover letters so you sending a powerful cover letter will instantly make you stand out in the crowd.

2. Cover letters help recruiters gain a deeper insight into their candidates’ personality, skills, and capabilities.

3. Cover letters give candidates the opportunity to list their achievements in a clear yet concise manner thereby spiking the interest of the recruiters. Read More


Tips on ‘How to Write a Cover Letter?’


Tip #1: Make an Incredible Start

When you write a cover letter, you surely want something that is memorable, conversational and quite relevant to the job you are pursuing. Remember, the start makes the most difference. It creates a stage for the reader to go through the whole document.

It should be your mission to make an opening line that attracts the reader to your story and makes him/her interested to read further.


Tip #2: Specific Things That You Showcase

Once you have a strong beginning, you should now be focusing on three to five key points you would like to showcase. You can either put them in bullets or highlight by bolding. These key points should focus on your understanding of what the company is looking for and line up your background with the current position.

Simply put things that make you a great fit for the role and what you have to deliver when you are in this role.


Tip #3: Personalizing Your Cover Letter? How Far You Should Go?

It is definitely not advisable to put something nasty or a lot personal on your cover letter. Give the recruiter a peek of something that is not there in your resume and makes you endearing, remarkable and interesting.

You should include stories that relate directly to the job you are applying to. The stories should make you look likable and fun to work with.


Tip #4: Closing the Letter

A hard close that insists that you are the one and that you are going to call them to set up a meeting sounds more desperate and should be avoided. This can annoy the recruiter. Remember you have to sound proactive and not like someone popping out of books that teach you to sell yourself.


Tip #5: To Who Should This Concern?

Addressing your cover letter to the right person ensures that your cover letter is read. Make sure you address the letter to a recruiter, the HR manager or the hiring manager. You surely want to get in touch with someone who makes sure your application reaches the right person.


Sample Cover Letter Template for Job



[Your Name]

[Current Address | Contact Number | Email Address]



[Recruiter’s Name]

[Recruiter’s Designation]

[Company Name]

[Company’s Office Address]

Dear [Recruiter’s Name],

I am interested in the [Job Position you are applying for] that you have advertised on I am currently employed at [Your Current Company Name] as [Your Current Designation] and believe that my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this job.

As a [Your Current Designation] with [No. of Years] of work experience, I have developed [insert key skills that matched your current job as well as the job you are applying for]. For example, [quote an area of work from your current job supporting the skills you have talked about in the previous sentence].

Moreover, I have also gained [insert another key skill that matched your current job as well as the job you are applying for and support your statement with an example].

During the time I have spent at [Your Current Company Name], I have been consistently delivering results in terms [list key achievements at work in bulleted points].




I am confident that my experience in [insert your field of expertise] and my [talk about key skills again] qualify me for your consideration for the [Job Position you are applying for]. We can talk about my experience and qualification in more detail. I have enclosed my resume for your perusal.

Look forward to meeting and discussing this opportunity in detail.



[Your Name]

Hope these tips and cover letter template will help you in making a great first impression on the recruiters.


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All the best!


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