How to Write a Resignation Letter?

How to Write a Resignation Letter

So you have decided to quit your current job and explore new opportunities in another job! A new career journey always looks exciting. Locations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, and Muscat are no less than a sea of opportunities. However, while you decide to move on in your career path, it is vital to you leave your current job on a good note in a professional manner.

Going about the entire process of resigning from your current job in the swiftest way possible can be a task for many professionals. There is so much going on in your head and no plan to go about it yet!
Procuring the NOC, getting your resident visa renewed, and finding the right sponsorship for your family…there’s so much to follow before you join your new company.

So, if you are wondering how to plan your exit smoothly and how to write a resignation letter in a professional resignation letter format here are a few things that you must know.



How to Go About the Job Change Process?

The usual way to do so is informing about resigning in person to your reporting manager, followed by writing a resignation letter. The resignation email should be submitted at least 4-5 weeks before your leaving date/joining date in the new organization. A notice period this long helps the employer to make alternative arrangements after your departure. This might include hiring a new candidate as your replacement or delegating your work responsibilities to other team members.

Although you should certainly check with your manager, as different companies have different policies for releasing employees from the contract/bond.

Check the terms of employment to stay within the legal jurisdiction during all stages.


Resignation Letter Sample

A little research will take you through a number of examples for the right resignation letter sample. However, the one shared below is a simple resignation letter sample that deems fit for most of the cases.


Mr. Khalid Khan

Managing Director

XYZ Company Ltd

Jebel Ali Free Zone

Dubai, The UAE

19 March 2016


Dear Mr. Khan

It is to inform you that I tender my resignation as Senior Project Engineer with YYZ Company Ltd. This follows my recruitment in Carrow Anfiled Supply Ltd. as Senior Project Manager. As mentioned in my employment contract I have to serve a month’s notice period, which makes 19th April 2016 as my last at work. I would also like to take this opportunity and thank you for all the valuable support, mentoring and professional help, which I received during my tenure with XYZ Company Ltd. I have immensely enjoyed my time in the company, but the moment requires for me to take up new work challenges in the career.



Faishal Ahmed

House Number- 21

Dubai, The UAE

Here’s another resignation letter template to help you initiate your exit:


<City, UAE>
<Company’s Address>
Dear Mr./Ms. <Manager’s Name>

Please accept this email as my formal resignation letter from my position as at <Company’s Name> in , effective from .I highly appreciate the overall learning and opportunities I received during my tenure of in the organization. I believe that we will have opportunities to collaborate again on new opportunities in the future. Please let me know if any assistance is required during the transition period.
Thank you again for the opportunity to work for and all your guidance.



Things to Include in Your Resignation Letter

–  Your Working Designation

–  Date of Resignation

–  Reason for Resignation

–  Date of Joining (If appointed for a new role)

–  Expressing Gratitude to the Employer


Tips to Keep in Mind While Resigning

While initiating your exit, apart from keeping the verbal communication and resignation letter format correct, there are things that can make you have a completely swift transition into an ex-employee. Shared below are the most common and efficient ones.


  • – Stay Positive and Calm During the Entire Process

You never know, the manager might not take it in the most positive of ways. However, keeping things on the calm side and not panicking during the entire situation will help you handle it more efficiently.

Importantly, you don’t need a reason to quit the job. However, if you still want to include some context in the same regard, the resignation letter is surely no place to air your grievances. Even if you’re leaving under unfavorable terms, venting out all your frustrations wouldn’t be beneficial at any point in time. Make sure you keep him in the best of moods. Obviously, it takes a lot of hard work to build a network. Why spoil terms with your professional connections.


  • – Formalize the Letter

In job destinations like Dubai, an employee is often considered absconding, in case a formal resignation letter is not submitted. The employer might also go to the extent of filing a legal complaint against you, if found guilty of the charge. So, the best solution to the problem would be to put forth a formal resignation letter that lists all of the aforementioned details and is in the right tone to be perceived correctly.


  • – Keep the Timing Right

There’s no specific number on how far in advance you should inform the manager about your resignation. However, an ideal approach would be to give him ample time to make all alternative arrangements for targets and work in your absence.

Also, a number of corporations prefer an exit interview to record your work experience with the organization. It might be the last opportunity to give your employer a genuine feedback. Utilize it to the best!


  • – Help in Handing over the Work

Last but not the least, help out in every way you can to let the employer delegate your work to other workers/departments. Being an ethical employee, it’s your duty to let the boss know about all the clients and hand over all work pertaining details to other members of the team.

Resignation from one company is not the end of your career. But it sure is a strong determinant of how you handle professional relationships. Stay positive and go about the process calmly. Things will surely fall in the right order.

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