How to Write a Resume Headline?

How to Write Resume Headline

A perfect resume headline or resume title is extremely important to attract the attention of hiring managers. The task is not difficult but can be confusing for many people. Should you begin it as a career objective that describes your professional interests or should you just mention your career history that emphasizes on what the employers want to see?



These are some of the questions, which generally bother job seekers while they create their resume headline. Well, it should share about your professional qualifications and the knowledge that you bring in for the organization.

Confused? You need to understand that your resume will be seen by the top shots of the company, who usually are very busy and don’t have the time to go through the entire resume. Just by looking at your resume headline, they should immediately be able to understand two things:

1. What position you are applying for?

2. What makes you special about that position?


What is a Resume Headline?

Popularly known as a resume title, a resume headline is typically a phrase which highlights your professional value. It is positioned at the top of the resume, under your name and contact information. It gives recruiters a quick idea of your skills and professional attributes, and suggests how you are the right person for the job.

Your resume headline should clearly articulate your value proposition. It is important that you understand the market well and know your position in the marketplace. Also, know what exactly you can offer the employer that other candidates can’t. Your resume headline is your ticket to sell yourself in the most professional way.


How to Write a Resume Headline?


✓Step 1: Keep it relevant

It is a way to describe your most relevant qualifications, with which you can advertise your skill sets and professional goals to recruiters.


  • ✓Step 2: Write your resume headline in two parts –

  1. The former part should indicate the position you are applying for.
  2. The latter part should indicate your best of qualities for the position of interest.


  • ✓Step 3: Use a phrase than a sentence

Think of a newspaper, where the headlines are never in a sentence form. Similarly, your resume headline should never be a complete sentence, but a concise phrase which demonstrates your skills.


  • ✓Step 4: Focus more on your key attributes

It demonstrates your key ability. Make right combination of phrases to make your resume headline look more promising


Use relevant keywords that are related to the job listings and summarize your skills and professional knowledge. You can use the job title in the headline to gain attention of the reader.


  • ✓Step 6: Mention your skills

Depending up on the industry in which you are working, you must mention the relevant skill sets. For e.g. Sales professionals can mention on their lead generation skills, while software executives can emphasize on their command over different languages.


  • ✓Step 7: Include personal characteristics

Use words like ‘dependable’, ‘well-organized’, ‘hard-working’, ‘trustworthy’, ‘fast learner’, ‘proficient’, etc.

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Examples of Professional Resume Headlines

You should know what exactly you need to mention in your resume headline, such as the “Areas of Expertise” or, “Core Competencies.” The content varies position to position and industry to industry, and can be categorized into three segments –


1. Entry Level (0 – 3 Years)

If you are drafting a resume headline for fresher, you should let the hiring manager know what exactly you seek for, how promising you are as a candidate, and what type of educational experience you bring in.

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You can check the complete RESUME template here


2. Mid-Level (4 – 8 Years)

At the mid-level, it becomes a bit tricky to condense your education, professional experience, right skills, awards and certification in a streamlined format. You want to impress your hiring managers in the first site. Be specific about your job goals and try to squeeze your professional attributes in one line.


  1. 3. Senior Level (8 Years and Above)

Well, at a senior levels, you don’t just need to impress the hiring manager, but make them run for you. Here you can’t risk of writing a bland and a boring resume headline. Tell your hiring manger what experience you bring in to the company and how resourceful you can be for the organization. Use some strong professional and personal attributes to make your resume stand out.


Some things you should avoid:


  • ✓Do not keep the recruiter guessing

Never make the hiring manager searching for information on your resume. Headlines are meant to be accurate, right! Don’t let the recruiters guessing what exactly you want to convey. They might guess it wrong, and your chances of even called for an interview might go for a toss. Always provide accurate information.


  • ✓Do not write boring and long stories

You don’t want your recruiter to sleep or worst, throw your resume to the trash bin, why, because you made them do so by writing long stories! Keep it concise, a one-line sentence, and let the hiring manager know your value as an employee.

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Another tip! Employers generally look out for essential competencies and qualifications in any applicant. Your skills and qualifications must jump out in your resume. In fact, companies these days use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort the most suitable resume. If your resume has those specifications, which a particular position demands, chances are that your resume gets more visibility than others. For this, read the job description carefully and draft your resume accordingly.

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In A Nut Shell

Your skills and competencies should be visible, else no one would consider it. Save the time of your recruiters by telling yourself in a crisp phrase. A well-defined and formed headline is what you need if you are considering a job change or even looking for your first job. It’s the content that matters the most!


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