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You know how important it is to have a good CV, and how detrimental a bad CV can be in the whole job hunting process. The very first step to create a high-impact CV is to determine what you want to accomplish! With a well-defined career objective, you can create a CV that conveys the experience, skills and training in the best way and showcase how it serves your overall professional aspirations.


What is a Career Objective?

Typically, a CV objective is mentioned at the beginning of your CV and state how you are a good fit for the position you have applied for. It is usually single line information.


Types of Career Objective

Everyone’s career goals are very different and thus the CV objective should be tailored in a uniquely perfect way. Here are some approaches you can consider while drafting an objective for your CV.

– Commitment-oriented – It includes some personal details along with what you want to achieve

– Action-oriented – It requires you to communicate your skills and accomplishments to your hiring manager

– Directional – Such descriptions focus on your career path and what you want to achieve

– Specific – It talks about a specific work situation which you are interested to work in


Some Ideas to Draft Your Professional objective

Professional objective is an element that gives strength to your CV and puts you in a more advantageous position while being considered for a job. If you want to know how to draft a CV objective, here are some ideas –

. To have a well-defined and a crisp career objective on the CV that differentiates you from the rest, it is highly recommended that you mention your professional goals and expectations in a concise manner. Explain how hiring you would benefit the company.

. Try not to be arrogant. Use your CV to sell your skills, but always with a hint of some humility.

. Be open about your expectations from the company from the very beginning.

Your professional profile includes your experience and the skills that you have developed throughout your work life. Once you have drawn that layout, your professional objective will perfectly link your profile to the position you want to apply for.

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What Should You Cut Down From Your Career Description?

. Any irrelevant information

. Education front-and-center

. A list of your responsibilities

. Obvious skills like your proficiency in MS Office or your ability to send emails

. Be original and avoid falling into clichés. Do not use phrases like ‘seasoned manager’ or ‘influential leader’


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CV Objective Samples


Entry Level – Keep your objective practical and don’t sound too ambitious.

“To enhance my professional skills in a dynamic and stable workplace”

To work for an organization that offers a positive atmosphere to hone my skills and learn new skills and technologies for organizational growth”


Mid-Level – Explain what experience you have gained and how you will leverage them.



Senior Level – Describe how your management and leadership skills will benefit the company.


You can check the complete CV templates here –


Your career summary should be concise and crisp, no matter how many decades of experience you have. It is helpful if in case you are not applying to a specific job posting. Give your hiring manager a quick synopsis of your skill set and experience, if any.


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