How to Write and What to Include in a Student Resume?

For most professionals, writing a resume is a daunting task. It is even more difficult when you are a fresher or a soon-to-be college graduate with no work experience to talk about in the resume. Most experienced professionals will agree that writing a student resume was especially difficult for them as compared to writing when they had some experience. It may be a difficult task but writing resume for a student is not impossible. The first step towards writing is to decide upon a suitable student resume format. Once you know what to include, the ‘how to write a student resume’ part becomes easy.

What to include in a Student Resume?

Here are some tips on what to include while writing a college student resume:


1. Put the Qualification Summary First

Putting a qualification summary at the top instead of an objective summary is more appropriate when it comes to writing a student resume. Generally, when you start out on your professional journey, at first you are not very clear as to what your career goals are. It is only after some years that you have accumulated some work experience that you become clearer what you want to achieve in the short-term as well as long-term. This gives even more reasons for students to add a qualification summary section, which talks about what all they can offer to the employers rather than a vaguely written objective statement that talks what the job seeker is looking for.

2. Explain Your Educational Background

When you are a student with hardly any work experience to brag about, your educational background is the most valuable information that can hold on to the employers’ attention. Your education section helps the employers to understand the skills you will bring with yourself to the organization. When writing about your educational background, do not just simply state the courses you have completed but also talk about the key areas of your study, from where you completed your education and the GPAs you scored.
Additionally, you can include any relevant academic recognition you received, important coursework done by you, activities you participated in, or any other of your achievements during your education.

3. Add the Right Keywords

What is the most important rule for writing a resume? Optimizing it to make it ATS (Application Tracking System) friendly and this applies even for student resumes. There are certain crucial qualities and skills that employers look for in their candidates and ATS helps filter out the applications that are not in line with their requirements. To ensure that your application reaches the employers, add relevant keywords to your resume.
The easiest way to find the right keywords for adding in your resume is to review job listing posted by the employer you are interested in. Look at the requirements of the employers carefully and you will be easily able to figure out which keywords you must include in your resume.

4. List down Relevant Skills

Adding a skills section to your resume serves two important purposes. First, it serves an easy way of adding relevant keywords to your resume ensuring your resume passes through the ATS successfully. Second, it helps employers to see your potential and get a deeper understanding of what you will bring to the table if you are chosen for the job. Highlighting your skills in the resume makes it clearer to the employers the areas that you are sure to shine in even if they may or may not be directly relevant to the job you are applying for.

5. Talk about Internships/Volunteer Work/Work Experience

You must have volunteered or interned with organization, even if as part of your education or on your own. Do not forget to add all these experiences in your resume even if you feel it is not relevant to the job opportunity you wish to apply for or not related to your long-term career goals. As a fresher, you are at a point in your career where the employers view any work experience as evidence of your reliability and strong work ethic. More than the work focus on the skills you utilized during the day-to-day operations while doing the job/internship.

Sample Student Resume

There are numerous resume examples for students available on the Internet. Here is a sample resume for students that you can refer to for ideas:


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