A 2016 Resume: What All Should it Include?

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It’s 2016- a year full of professional opportunities, growth prospects and prospective alliances that can make your career go gaga amongst the highs of professional success. However, the competition in the job market is all set to remain the same, if not be increased by a modicum. It’s indeed a harsh piece of reality, but the job market is going brimful with jobseekers today.

It might as well be the Gulf, which is hosting the world exposition in 2020 and booming with job openings, the race to sell oneself in the best of light is going on with full throttle. Anyhow, the question still stands – how to get yourself to a desirable employer?

Well, a reality that’s hidden from some only – the applicant tracking system!

Hiring managers are in a continual process of recruiting throughout the year, hence are often assisted by applications and software that act nothing less than ‘resume gatekeepers’. These shortlist the most suited candidates from a pile of applicants in the database.

Adding to the same, there’s perfectly no need to spend your pocket on curating an extraordinary resume. All that this year demands is keeping your resume up-to-date, with a tinge of crispy yet enticing skills added to it.


Read on and find how to get noticed…

Academic Qualifications Gain Considerable Grounds

While, a number of career experts would advise you to go for a format that supports demonstrating your work experience and employable skills, the route is little different for fresh graduates. In case you have just graduated from college and wondering about the right hacks to get your resume shortlisted, you should know that employers around the globe have gained an eye for academic prowess as well.

Listing out your educational accomplishments demonstrated how you succeeded during the initial stage of your career path and know the area, right from the basics. In the process, do not miss out on informing the reader about any special program or minor degree you took.

Yes, it definitely seems way old school, but high GPAs and undergrad scores are no less of attraction magnets when your favorite employer is running a scrutiny over your application profile.

Fresh graduates, here’s an interesting fact to note- do not hesitate from defending a low GPA head on during the interview. It sure does prove that you are one of those who don’t give in without a fight and are all set to take work challenges.


Get Industry Specific in Your Resume

Generic resume templates are often viewed as a good escape, just by filling in the details and mentioning the job profile one is applying for. However, 2016 brings along a fresh beam of employer emotions, which demand industry specific expertise in the candidate.

To support the fact, it is one of the major hacks to get your resume past the filters and into the shortlisted pool of candidates.

Essentially, every organization or sector has its own set of priorities, ways of going about things and natural reflexes to challenges that come in all shapes and sizes. Considering the same, even if you’re making a move to a different industry, the employer would always be concerned about your understanding of the field, and whether or not you’re well-acquainted with the building blocks of the sector. This makes it real imperative to include pertinent information about your experience in the industry and different abilities you’ve honed, since you entered it.


Quantifying Achievements

Numbers! Believe it or not, that’s what all major corporations have been chasing since ever. Most importantly, any accomplishment you’re assigning a number with makes it to the ‘high-credibility’ area straight-away!

What’s unknown to most of the jobseekers, not being able to quantify any achievements is perfectly no reason to despair. Subjective results are counted valid by a number of hiring managers as well. All that the employer cares about is hiring people who can make some real time difference to the way processes have been running and help them move an inch closer to the business goals in a conspicuous way.

It is true that recruiters hog on numbers while scanning resumes, but there’s enough literature to help you make things measurable. Always remember, metrics are the most efficient way to highlight what all you’re capable of. It is the language of business recruiters wish to communicate in during 2016!


Use a Simple and Clean Format

Be it 2016 or any resume of the future, a clean and simple format is what that’ll get you noticed at first. It’s true to a great extent that the most-suited resume format for one job seeker might not be the best one for another. It all depends on the job search campaign you have taken and the kind of profiles your lookout desires.

Be it a combinational, functional or chronological resume format, browsing through a bunch of samples online is the first pre-requisite you need to fulfill. Obviously, you don’t want it to look like a stale piece of application from the previous years.

What you need is a fresh new look that makes you look different, be it in any format. However, if nothing deems fit, go for a chronological form, wherein it is easy for the employer to view all details in an organized way. Not to forget, format your resume to remove any grammatical errors, unchecked empty fields and cluttering of facts.

At last try this tool to check your resume quality.


Get Online on Social Media Platforms

social media

Talk about any social networking website and you’ll notice the employer of your dreams building a brand there. It’s true that social media has gained immense surge amongst job seekers, but it is an important platform for the employers and company executives to interact with the audience as well. Make sure you have joined enough groups and communities from your area of expertise and posted your resume online, hence making it accessible for every recruiter on the globe. It sure does support the idea of an efficient and complete social resume in every sense!

Year 2016 brings enough career opportunities for every talented professional to avail. All that’s required is good presentation of all that you have achieved and all that can be achieved with you in the workforce!


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