How to Write a Resume for HR Jobs

Before becoming an HR manager and start hiring others, have you planned how you are going to crack your own HR round of resume screening? As an HR professional, you need certain skills to attract the most qualified employees for your company and place them in the positions that suit them the most. Hence, your resume must be able to send the right message about how efficiently you can apply those skills to bring profits to the organization and employees.

In today’s competitive market, it can be really tough to get into a career in human resources. It is a field where the recruiters themselves are highly aware about cover letter and resume standards; hence, it becomes even more challenging for the job applicants to get a grasp of how to create a perfect resume that can get them the desired job.


  • The Right Format

To land a human resources job, it is vital to prepare a resume in the right format. If you are looking for an entry-level job, focus more on your education details, assignments, and internships to display your knowledge. On the other hand, for a managerial role, skill-based layout will help to highlight your skills, work experience, job roles and career growth in an appropriate manner.

To help you prepare, here’s the sample resume for an HR Manager job.

human resource resume sample

  • Objective:

Your resume must include a brief statement to summarize your career goal along with highlighting your top skills. Be clear, but concise.


  • Profile Summary:

Include the details of your work experience and professional achievements that are relevant to your HR Manager job. Since you are applying for a senior position, it is important to highlight your key responsibilities in the previous job role. Mention your top achievements that look convincing to the recruiter. Go beyond stating some instances to support your achievements.


  • Skills/Areas of Expertise/Core Competencies:

This section plays a crucial role to convince the recruiter about your capabilities for the job vacancy. Here you can mention various skills and areas of expertise in your profession, such as Training & Development, Operations Management, and Personnel Selection.


  • Professional Experience/Key Work Areas:

Here you should mention your employment history, giving details about your current and past employment. Mention your key work areas, responsibilities and roles. This section helps the hiring manager to understand about how apt you are for the job opening.


  • Point out educational details:

Include all relevant qualifications in your resume that can be seriously considered by the employer. It covers both education and other related information like certifications. Mentioning academic achievements adds value to your resume.

So, prepare a powerful resume the way you would like to see in your future role as an HR Manager. Once you know how to design your resume into a perfect document, you can surely catch the eye of your recruiter even in the most competitive scenario.

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