Searching For a Job in the UAE? Know How to Spot and Prevent Fake Job Disclaimers

Beware of Fake Jobs

The growing economy like the UAE is a hub for international job seekers. While it offers tax-free income, competitive compensation, global exposure and lucrative career opportunities, the UAE is also becoming a breeding ground for job scams. There are a plethora of genuine job offers but several scams also happen which every job seeker should be aware of.

Advertising fake job openings for seeking ‘cash-for-jobs’ are the common ways scammers dupe job seekers. Many declare exaggerated compensation and employment benefits as a bait to misguide expats. The result is that job seekers desperately looking for jobs abroad get into these scams.


  • Key Factors to Identify a Job Scam

There are several alarming factors that can tell you about a job SCAM. Consider a situation where you find an extremely enticing job offer in Dubai that claims to offer a salary beyond your imagination, perks, other benefits, and wants you to join immediately. The only joining procedure or interview call demands you to pay a huge, non-refundable amount in the initial stage of the hiring process. Be cautious and think logically why a genuine employer would ask you to pay an amount to find a suitable job.

In such a situation, how can you play safe? Here are a few clues you should always pay attention to:


  • –  Job Has Been Created For You

    • Any job that seems to have been created only for you should be an alarming factor. For instance, a job that you never applied for, says that you are the perfect match for it and asks you to sign the contract as soon as possible. This should leave no doubt for you to consider it as a fake job alert.


      • –   Everything Seems So Perfect

        • The job claims to offer you just so perfect salary, facilities, and growth opportunities, even without calling you for a face-to-face interview. The job also mentions no minimum qualification or work experience.


          • –  Salary Offered Is Extremely High

            • The salary offered for the advertised job is too high than what is offered in the industry. Any such thing being offered to you without any expectation is what should alarm you.


              • –  You Are Asked To Pay A Fee

              The only condition mentioned to you for getting the job is a fee that could be in the form of either processing fee or registration fee. Moreover, the sender wants you to transfer the amount on an urgent basis in a personal account. Any such recruiter should be a red flag for you.


            • Tips to Prevent These Scams

            Apart from understanding these clues, it is imperative that you should also take action to prevent such scams happening to you. This is what you can do:


          • –  Never Pay In The Name Of Any Fees

          The most important thing to understand is that fake recruitment agencies often ask you to pay in exchange for a job. They promise guaranteed job offer once you pay a fee in the name of processing fee, placement fee or caution fee. To prevent such fraud activities, never say- “YES” to paying even a small amount for getting a job. Remember, genuine recruitment agencies never ask job seekers for money as they get commission from the companies for which they are hiring and not from job candidates.


        •  – Avoid Sending Your CV To Unauthentic Recruiters On E-Mail

        Another gimmick used by scammers is asking you to send your CV. Every day you may receive several e-mails that advertise jobs, even when you might have not registered to any such sites. Since these emails do not involve financial transactions, many job seekers believe that it is harmless to share their CV with such sundry e-mails. The fact is that your CV includes a lot of information such as contact details, which are used to build a database for several fake activities.


      • – Research And Look For Reliable Sources Only

      Most of the employers prefer to post a job opening either on their official website or with reputed online job portals. Moreover, you can get a direct job e-mail from a recruiter if you have previously applied for the company or submitted your CV on the site. Apart from this, if you get any job invitation from an unknown source, it is always recommended to research more about the sender. You can easily do this by searching the name of the recruiting company online and find its contact details to reach out to him directly. Another important point is to check the email id of the sender. If it is a personal id, i.e., or instead of a company domain, it could be a trap for you.

      We understand that you are looking for a job in the UAE, which offers several career opportunities. However, follow the tips mentioned in the article to stay safe and avoid loss of money by falling into the trap of job scammers.

      Be careful and happy job search.

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