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Your employer has recently laid out new WFH rules. And you have only just realized that maintaining some semblance of balance between work and home can be challenging right now. Luckily, flexibility is a great benefit of working from home. But your flexible work schedule can lead to too much work pressure on certain days. For those of you working non-traditional hours, it is steeper terrain. To top it, some of you are bothered about not getting sufficient face-time with your colleagues, teams, and bosses every day. So you are pressurized to spend more time working online than you otherwise would in the office.

Without coworkers around to remind you about lunch or coffee breaks, or leaving the office for the day, you are not only working additional hours but also losing out on your work-life balance. To ease the situation, follow the tips enlisted below, to restore your work-life balance while working from home amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Time your tasks like a pro during weekdays

For the sake of your mental and physical health, you have to start reclaiming some balance to your days and weeks. Plus, this will be an added advantage for your productivity too!

During a weekday, you have to either stick to your normal workday schedule or create a new one. A routine will help you to not only minimize distractions but also focus better on work. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Start off by assigning a time limit to each and every task on your plate. You can also prepare to-do lists to track your productivity per task.
2. Another way to manage your work efficiently is by grouping the tasks in designated batches. You need to start prioritizing certain batches that are more critical or urgent compared to the remaining ones.
3. Timing your tasks and yourself will further make you aware of how much time a single task takes to complete. Accordingly, you can also identify and re-purpose your schedule to be more productive.
4. After implementing these tips, if you still feel overworked and sparsely rested, kindly start looking for the latest job openings amid coronavirus situations. Many companies are hiring talented individuals like you despite the pandemic situation lurking outside. Simply revamp your resume and start applying to other work from home jobs in Dubai.


Respect your personal space during weekends

Due to social distancing protocols, now it is harder for you to feel like you deserve a break during the weekend. Here’s how you can actually reset this mindset for good:

1. Mails in your mailbox are not going anywhere. So no need to check your work email at the same frequency during weekends, as you would on a weekday. This habit will separate Work from Home unless it is a truly urgent request. The rest of them can wait until Monday morning!
2. Try to spend some time relaxing and fun activities. Socialize with your family or flatmates by playing board games and indoor party games. In case you stay alone, try a new recipe, or paint a wall. You can also start your next DIY project now! Do whatever relaxes you and try to invest some time in it to make the weekend feel like an actual break.
3. Use this time to upskill and reskill yourself. Enroll to complete in-demand courses in your field for a self-paced learning experience from the comfort of home.
4. If the workout is your thing and your fitness regime has got disturbed, start an intensive online workout class. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many gyms, fitness coaches, and studios across MENA and Gulf to keep their audiences engaged. If you do not want to spend on such a virtual gym, you can enroll for free online classes.
5. It is important to socialize virtually and stay connected with your loved ones during the quarantine. Arrange for Sunday dinners via MS Teams or Zoom or Skype to spend quality time with friends and family.

In all conscience, the whole concept of work-life balance is somewhat hard to define. Yet the idea behind this term is an ‘absence of conflict’ between professional and personal domains, which is tough given the current pandemic situation. Hence, stick to the thumb rules outlined above for a few days to witness a positive change. If you successfully build a strong work-life balance, you will surely be able to focus on and excel at what you do best.

Some frequently asked questions on balancing work and life during the current pandemic

1. What are some quick ways to boost work-life balance in a WFH job?
Create and also maintain your designated workspace. Make it a habit to dress up for ‘work’ every day. Also, block chunks of time to focus on specific tasks related to work and home. Try to take scheduled breaks. Lastly, ‘turn off’ at a fixed time daily to give time to yourself and

2. What are some tricks to improve productivity in a remote job?
To boost your productivity while working from home, please schedule your day like a regular workday. Wake up at the time you used to while you traveled to work. Also, limit distractions as well as possible with the help of headphones and setting boundaries around your home-work station.

3. How to achieve a healthy work-life balance amid coronavirus pandemic?
Perks of remote work include flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. You can strike a balance to take advantage of this by creating a flexible schedule and sticking to it. Ensure that you take care of work and personal responsibilities smartly. Start by setting up a dedicated workspace. Also, make it a habit to use digital communication tools every day. Additionally, take scheduled breaks and plan your after-work hours well. These are some good practices you can follow.

4. Does telecommuting improve work-life balance?
Telecommuting means working from home by making use of the Internet, email, and telephone. This work style doesn’t always balance your home and work lives. However, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic situation, you have been asked to telecommute from home. As a result, you might work longer hours than you used to in the office. If that is the case, you need to keep your bosses apprised of how many hours you are working each week. It is obviously the companies’ responsibility to either discourage working the extra hours or at least pay for it.


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