10 Things You Need to Know About Working in Abu Dhabi – [Infographic]

UAE welcomes a lot of expatriates every year to come and work in the country. Out of the seven Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most sought after. One of the greatest reasons that pull expats towards these Emirates is the stable economy and no political unrest.

Abu Dhabi has a dynamic professional scenario. The capital city of the UAE has a life full of variety. If you are moving to Abu Dhabi for professional purposes, you have the chance to appreciate the emirate’s diversity.

As an expat, you will not only experience opportunities to grow your career, but you will also have a chance to learn about culture and diversity. The holy month of Ramadan will give you a different experience if you are living in the city. When you are moving to Abu Dhabi, there are some things you should know about moving here. The following infographic talks about 10 things that you should know when moving to work in Abu Dhabi.


infographic working in abu dhabi

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