6 Signs You Are Interviewing with a Bad Boss

Preparing for a job interview doesn’t only limit your efforts to understand how to maintain the right body language, dress for the D-day or find answers to the common interview questions, but it also includes understanding the type of future boss you are interviewing with.

After all, when the employer focuses on hiring the best suitable employee for the new job role, it is also imperative for the job candidate to choose the best job for himself. Hence, when interviewing with your future boss, it is the right time to assess if you can also fit into the company culture and work with his team.

It is simple to distinguish between a boss and a leader:

–  Leaders lead, bosses command
–  Leaders forgive, bosses avenge
–  Leaders persuade, bosses demand

Globally, more employees are disengaged from their work mainly due to the personal issues with their immediate superiors. Therefore, searching a job is not only about choosing a high-paying job, but also finding a good boss.

The Infographic shares a few signs of identifying a bad boss. So, next time when you keep your focus on negotiating your salary, considering a job location or working hours, never neglect the other important aspects of your career- choosing a perfect future boss!

Remember, employees don’t leave organizations, they leave their bosses – bad bosses!!



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