Body Language at Workplace: How to Carry Yourself the Right Way

Professionals often scratch their brains over the right passage to gain advantage in any negotiation at workplace. Right from salary negotiations to project discussions, nearly every constraint has high dependence on communication. However, one form that is gaining immense prevalence in the modern corporate world is non-verbal form of communication. It starts with you reading the interviewer’s body language and setting the mood accordingly to maintaining a positive body posture every time at workplace. Body language presented in any form in the professional world says a lot about the individual, right from his behavior to the prowess he hold in the field.

The infographic below builds on similar lines and talks about how one’s body language can make all the difference in his professional life. Different factors that constitute the same are also discussed below. The prime ones to consider are – facial expressions, body contact, body posture, style of walking and eye contact.

Working on these factors and carrying confidence in one’s way of non-verbal expression sure does seal the deal, be it any sphere in professional life. In true sense, gaining every bit of self-confidence at work.

infographic body language at workplace


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