Business Communication – Different Means of Communicating at Work

Getting a job is a tedious task and so is maintaining one. Any miscommunication at work can lead to discrepancies that can land you in trouble. When you are in the process of searching a job, you work on your resume, cover letter, interview questions and etiquette and more.

What you miss out?

Learning ways of communicating at work!

Business Communication is the exchange of information between two individuals or a group of individuals. Communication is considered successful when the receiver and sender understand the same information. It is important to understand the means of education in a work place so that work does not get hindered due to miscommunication. There are a number of mediums that can be used to communicate at work having their own advantages and disadvantages.


Different Means of Communication at Work

– Emails

Communication via E-mail has remains potent. Firstly it enables you to pass on your message without physically disturbing the other person. Also, E-mails let you keep a written record of your conversations.


– Phone and Mobiles

There are chances you might want to communicate with your colleague out of office. The benefit of using phones as a business communication means is instant delivery of message to the other person unlike e-mail where you need to wait for the reply. Plus there is no limitation of geographical boundaries in using phones.


– Meetings (One on One or with the Team)

When you personally meet someone, the chances of miscommunication minimizes. There is a clarity of speech leading to a no confusion state. Meetings even today are considered as one of the most formal ways of communicating at work.


– Instant Messaging (IM’s)

The major benefit of using IMs at work is that it saves a lot of time as it is hassle free, free and quick to set up. Also you can communicate with multiple people at the same time. It is easier to share media and stuff.

The following infographic is about these mediums of business communication and their advantages.

Infographic Types of Business Communication

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