Is Your CV ATS Friendly ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Transcript

Four months of job hunting and you have not heard from any employer.

Your qualifications and job accomplishments in previous jobs, however, would get you the job interview.

What’s Wrong Then?

Not getting a Job Interview Call, Blame the ‘applicant tracking system’.

The ATS is your first major hurdle to clear and receive the job interview call.

The soulless applicant tracking system


What is the Applicant Tracking System?

Wikipedia:  An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs.

Also known as resume screening software or resume robot

This is similar to customer relationship management systems.

Big companies and job boards take help of applicant tracking system to screen candidates from hundreds of responses.

A funnel to channel only relevant CVs


What a Job-seeker Needs to Know about the ATS?

Adapt to the new reality of job search process.

You have to also speak the language of the ‘robot’ to get picked up and read by recruiter

Jobseeker clueless ‘why no interview calls’


5 ways you can beat the ATS-

Copy the words in job description and add in your resume.

Check the prospective employer website. You will have an idea about company’s mission and vision and the corporate culture.

You may add the same in your CV as the company have programmed related keywords into the resume screening  software

CV Formatting Tips should be simple. Don’t perplex the ‘robot’ with a creative CV.

1,2,3,4,5 Resume ready for the ATS


Avoid plenty of graphics.

Avoid special fonts, font treatments and colors. Stick to fonts such as Arial, Georgia, Impact, Courier, or Trebuchet. Use black color. Never underline sentences in your resume as this will affect the legibility of lower case letters such as a, g, j or y.

Get your phone ringing


Bonus Tip

When writing employment history, present the information for each employer in the same order, i.e,

–  Company Name

–  Title

–  City

–  State and

–  Date of Employment


Always in reverse chronological order.

One more Thing

Save your Resume in Word Doc

All the Best !

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