Infographic: Things To Check During Ramadan

Ramadan is an auspicious period for all across the Middle East and the globe, with more than half of the world’s workforce moving to a different beat during this holy month. Practiced with an extensively specific routine that lays down stringent norms pertinent to things like eating, sleeping and praying, the working patterns in all global corporations are affected majorly.

During such a period, it becomes quite imperative for all Non-Muslim employees to be sensitive towards their co-workers practicing Ramadan and take all steps to maintain cohesion and hence an optimum level of work efficacy within the company.

Hence, the infographic given below will build on the same line of thought. It suggests possible ways for you to comfort your Muslim co-workers and come up as an all-star employee in the company. However, there are things you need to keep a check on during Ramadan, as well. The most crucial ones are discussed below.

1) Restricting your meals and munchies to meal hours.

2) Being flexible with work deadlines and extending a helping hand towards your Muslim employees.

3) Raising awareness about the same and coming up as a team to maintain work productivity.

4) Maintaining a clean, private and peaceful environment to avoid any feelings of resent amongst the employees.

To sum up, it’s just about a few basic that need to be followed. Rest, the period is a harbinger of joy in the work arena itself. Happy Ramadan!


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