Salary Negotiation: Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Pay hike leads the line, when it comes to grievances of employees around the globe. Not only is it a major source to stay motivated at work, but a prime indicator of your professional success also. Desiring a financial growth as their career progresses, workers are often fooled by the traditional approach of going about the negotiation. Things have flipped upside down in the corporate arena and so have the tactics to lure your boss into policies that favor your personal and professional development.

The infographic below presents certain pertinent points that might seem amusing, but have found a great application in most of the workplaces around the world. It also presents certain figures that come out of the GCC job market.

It might be the case that you need to work on increased job responsibilities or probably, your manager is happy with the way things are going in your company and doesn’t even sense the need for a change, a pay hike left aside. This makes it imperative for you to consider ways that are subtle and don’t appear to be stale and redundant after a few minutes into the conversation.

You need to work on factors like

  Considering perks and other incentives

  Keeping your facts straight

  Trimming unnecessary arguments to a bare minimum

  Implementing unconventional methods

While there are some who prefer not nagging their appraisers and go with the flow instead, if you prefer to take up a step and score some more, drop sufficient number of glances below.


Salary Negotiation Infographic

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