Know Your Dress Code for a Job Interview in the UAE

While your CV helped you make the first impression on the employer and landed you to a job interview, your personality will play a crucial role in the second half of the hiring process. Interviews are an integral part of scoring a job offer. It is that stage of your job search where you meet the employer face-to-face and pitch your skills for getting hired.

Working abroad seems a fulfilling and exciting option for many. However, searching a job in the UAE is not limited to writing a CV for the Gulf recruiters and understanding the new culture, but it also involves a proper research about everything. Dress code for job interviews in the UAE is one of the important things to consider as appearances do create an impression on the hiring manager and dressing right is vital for this. Since an employer does not know any of the candidates personally, people are selected entirely based on the impression created on them. Many people fail to realize the importance of dressing for the job. Therefore, here’s what you should know before going for your job interview.


Dress Code for Job Interviews

Dress code mainly depends on the industry as well as job role you are applying for. Therefore, find out what attire matches an industry’s requirements and go dressed accordingly for the interview. For instance, when applying for a banking and finance job, a smart suit and shirt with a tie for male employees and a modest dress like a business suit that covers legs and hands for female employees is a good option. Similarly, a more casual yet professional look works well in a creative role like fashion designing, media or graphic designing.

There are more things that one should keep in mind when deciding what to wear and what not to wear in a job interview:

–  Keeping in mind the local beliefs and culture, dress modestly regardless of the industry or company you are applying for.

–  Avoid loud colors like red shirt, instead subtle shades look more professional. When it comes to an interview dress code for males, a white shirt looks perfect.

–  Dress neatly and avoid donning unprofessional look such as athletic shoes, caps, t-shirts, sweat shirts, etc.

–  Nicely comb your hair and girls should avoid wearing sparkling hair accessories.

–  Do not overboard with perfume and other jewelry. Keep it simple and professional.


Job interviews are intimidating for many job seekers. Therefore, avoid adding to the panic by waiting until the last minute to think about what you should wear for the interview. The best is to arrange your dress, accessories, purse, shoes and other important papers the night before your interview date. This works a great deal in preventing any confusion in the morning. Finally, how you dress up should not distract the hiring manager from what you say.

If you play by the rules in interviews right, you are a step closer to your dream job for sure.


All the best!

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