7 Popular Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Congratulations, you have successfully secured a job interview and it’s the time that you should pull up your socks and be completely prepared to face it. In such a stiff and competitive job market scenario, you must ensure that you give your best and stand a chance against your competition. There is no way to predict what the interview holds, but you would need to present yourself smartly and positively.

Here are a few popular job interview questions for freshers that will help you to have an edge over other candidates.


Fresher Interview Questions With Best Answers


Why do you want to work here?

What are your expectations from this position?

Why should we hire you?

What are your salary expectations?

Would you be open to change your project/profile if required?

Do you plan to go for further studies?

Tell us something about yourself that is not mentioned on your resume or CV

Why do you want to work here?

The employer here wants to know how motivated you are to take up the job, and how well you think of contributing to the position.

For this job interview question, you can say something like this –

“I feel that your innovative approach and the organized way of working will help me to gain an experience of working in a forward-thinking company. Being a fresher, it will be the best platform to start off my career and add to my personal and professional growth. I believe in continuous learning and I am sure that working with your company will help me to become a prolific professional in future.”


What are your expectations from this position?

While replying to this common job interview question, be honest and logical. You should be aware of the difference between aspirations and expectations. Your aspirations must be something that possibly don’t align with the position you have applied for and might sound weird to the interviewer.

Being in the field of software development, you might aspire to become Bill Gates one day, but keep those aspirations in your mind and speak of the actual expectations. Your answer should convince the interviewer that – yes, you are the perfect candidate they are seeking.

“I want to be able to identify the business problems and plan strategies to address these issues. In addition, I also expect to learn and execute the tactics required to achieve the business goals. I aim at gaining a real-world experience and drive business forward.”

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Why should we hire you ?

The hidden job interview question is – “Why should we hire you instead of so many other well-qualified applicants?”

Understand this question well. It is somewhat similar to the first interview question, but here you would need to say something different so that the interviewer knows that you can smartly handle the situation and are quick to reply. Your answer should summarize top three or four strong reasons with examples or descriptions.

“Being a fresher, I don’t bring much experience to your organization, but at the same time I am a quick learner, punctual, self-motivated and smart worker. Besides, I have the ability to handle multiple tasks under minimum supervision. I feel that your organization will be the best platform for me to utilize my strengths and contribute to the business.”

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What are your salary expectations ?

Salary expectation question is the consequential question and a wrong approach can cost you the job offer. It sometimes can put you in an untenable situation, where you might feel that you are being forced to consider a job at a low salary.

After all, in some circumstances, the only thing worse than failing to get a job offer after an interview, is failing to get an offer that’s sufficient to support you and/or your family.

“As a fresher, salary is not my first priority. I would like to gain more knowledge and earn experience. However, it should fulfill my requirements and match the industry standards.”

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Would you be open to change your project/profile if required?

The interviewer wants to see if you are open for new challenges and meet the business requirements as and when needed. The answer should always be a “Yes”. This will show that you are flexible and can be looked upon whenever the any new project is bagged.

“Yes, I am open to change my project/profile as and when required. I will be more than glad to learn new skills and take up new things, as it will only add to my knowledge and skill sets.”


Do you plan to go for further studies?

Now this is a question which should be handled tactfully. The interviewer wants to know if you will have a longer association with the company. If you have already planned for something, reply honestly, and tell them how you will be benefitted with the course. Even if you have planned to take up any distance course, you would need to inform them beforehand as you will have to avail leaves in future. There can be two possible replies –

“No, I have completed my education and my main focus is to give my best to my job. I am a hardworking and dedicated person, and this gives me a feeling that I can grow well with an engineering degree in hand.”

“I may go for an MBA in Marketing after a few years, through correspondence or distance learning. I think I can manage the studies on the weekends. I will continue working, while giving a full-time attention to the education. I don’t want to have any break on my career graph.”


Tell us something about yourself that is not mentioned on your resume or CV.

Now it’s time for you to relax and have a not-too-formal conversation with the interviewer. But don’t be overconfident, you can discuss some personal achievements here or can say something which can relate to your work profile.

“I have been conducting seminars in my college and was an active participant in the sessions. I am good at public speaking, and I don’t shy away from expressing and explaining my point of view.

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If done well, a job  interview can translate to a job offer. To remain less stressed and confident at the interview, you must practice commonly asked job interview questions like this. Make sure that your replies are clear, honest and precise.

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