How to Answer the Question: ‘Are You Willing to Relocate?’

Are You Willing to Relocate

A question regarding somebody’s relocation plans is one of the most common ones. However, it often comes as a surprise to the candidates when it ideally shouldn’t. As a job seeker, you must be prepared to answer even the toughest of questions. Sometimes employers mention about possible relocation in their job advertisements and sometimes they don’t. Even if it isn’t mentioned in the job advertisement, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be asked this question during the job interview. Therefore, it is important to go prepared with a possible answer.

This article will help you come up with a possible answer, but before that let’s first understand–


Why do employers ask this question?

It is not necessary that the employer only wants to hear a ‘yes’ from you. What s/he wants to gauge is your enthusiasm for the opportunity that is being offered to you. Depending on your situation you may decide to say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’. However, your answer should reflect your positive attitude even if you choose to say ‘no’. On the other hand, if your answer is ‘yes’, it should not come across to the interviewer as a decision you have made without giving much thought to it. The following segment explains this in detail. Read away.


How to answer this question when:


1. Your answer is ‘Yes’

As mentioned earlier in this article, it is not necessary to always say ‘yes’ to the relocation question asked during a job interview. It shouldn’t be a decision you take only to impress the interviewer. It should be based on your sincere understanding of the offer being made to you as well as your current situation. Young professionals often don’t find it difficult to relocate which is a good thing. However, your answer should reflect sincerity. Showing that you are concerned about career growth and learning is a good reason to state why you are interested in relocating for a company or a job during the job interview.

Sample Answer – “I am definitely ready to relocate if the opportunity is good. Right now the possibility of working with your company and moving to a new place for the job at hand seems like a very good opportunity.”


2. Your answer is ‘No’

Sometimes moving is just not the option and if the same applies to you, it is absolutely okay to say so. Also, it is not necessary that saying ‘no’ will definitely cost you the job unless the job absolutely requires you to shift base. However, the way you say ‘no’ can make all the difference. Give a sensible reason and be honest in your answer. At the same time, don’t forget to show that you really want to work with the company as well try to leave the door open for any future possibilities.

Sample Answer – “It is really difficult to say no but sadly my current situation doesn’t allow me to relocate. However, I really do look forward to working with your team. And if in the future my circumstances allow, I would definitely consider relocating for work.”


3. Your answer is ‘Maybe’

As mentioned earlier, sometimes the hiring managers don’t mention about the requirement for relocation in the job advertisement. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be asked the question. Sometimes the interviews for a particular position are scheduled at a certain location, but the requirement is for a different location altogether. Also, most interviewers ask this question just to understand how open a candidate is for a change and asking such a question is just their way of testing the water. So, do keep this in mind if your answer is ‘maybe’. If you are married and have kids, you will have to take into consideration a lot of things such as education and other expenses before making a relocation decision. Moreover, you may also have to look at the career prospects as well as the future of the company at hand. Reaching a consensus after studying all the parameters may require some time. Therefore, it is okay to ask for some time from the interviewer so that you can talk to your spouse about the opportunity and then get back to them with an answer.

Sample Answer – “This is a great opportunity for my career and professional growth. However, I cannot give you a definite answer right now without discussing it with my family first.”


What your answer should reflect?


Your answer should reflect:

Enthusiasm for the position and job role being offered to you regardless of your final decision

Zeal for wanting to work with the company

Curiosity to learn more about the relocation possibility to judge and decide whether it is possible for you right now or     not

Honesty and providing a clear picture to avoid any confusion later if you do get hired


Moving to a new place can be exciting at first, but when you think about it seriously, making a decision will require some serious thought. Therefore, it is important to weigh both pros and cons of the offer being made to you before taking a decision. This exercise will assist you in preparing the perfect answer that will help you leave a lasting impression on the job interviewer.

All the best!


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