“Ambition is The Most Important Thing for Jobseekers “- Mahmoud Mahmoud, Talent Acquisition Manager- Khusheim Holding

Mahmoud Mahmoud, Talent Acquisition Manager-Khusheim Holding

Mahmoud Mahmoud, Talent Acquisition Manager-Khusheim Holding


  • Please tell us a little about your professional and academic background.
  • I am a Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Manager for Khusheim Holding Company which has eight sub companies in various industries such as chemical, trading, industrial equipment, industrial services, television & broadcasting.

Prior to this I was a recruitment and ER assistant manager in a multinational company in the F& B field in addition to being a trainer specialist.

I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree from Cairo University, in addition to a HRBP accreditation from HRCI- SHRM

I am also currently studying at Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh University in the UK, and am also certified as an international interviewer from DDI.


  • What prompted you to choose a career in HR?
  • I started my career as In charge of training, but got involved in HR because I love handling people. As Stephen Covey says (Always look for sharpen the saw) and I am always looking at building people capabilities during any HR activity or recruitment such as how to involve people in daily activities and how to enhance these activities. This led me to start studying HR and learn how to target people and enhance their capabilities from day one on the job and thus, I moved from training to recruitment.


  • What does a typical work day in your life look like?
  • My day starts at nine am in the morning with my to-do list for me and my team. We discuss what are the big rocks (a term used in HR) of the day, what we need to resolve, what are the priorities. We allot at least 20% of our daily time for meetings and learning new skills. We also have a focus group between my team and I to discuss important points.


  • What is your favorite way to de stress after a long day at work?
  • For me, first of all, Family is the Painkiller. Secondly, like all men in MENA, sport is a big issue. (Football) playing or watching helps to completely de-stress from a long day’s work. I also spend some time in reading at home. I read business books related to recruitment or HR and my favorite writer is Jack Wells. I also read books by Robin Sharma.


  • What is the best part about working in your company?
  • The most important thing in our Company is dealing with learning as a root of enhancement. Even our CEO Dr. Raed Khusheim is pushing people to learn and practice in untraditional ways, online training, English courses and Self-study.
  • The other best part about working in my company is that they lead by example. If they ask you to do anything as a new challenge, they support you one hundred percent and give you all the facilities to make it a success. They support you even if you fail and push you to retry again. They will give you a free hand to try whatever you need, even to implement a new idea, or a new policy, or a new system. You are free to do whatever you need and give you the time needed for it.


  • Do you have any predictions for trends in hiring and training in Saudi Arabia in the next few years?
  • As I see it, Saudi Arabia has one or two major indicators about recruitment.

First of all, Oil & Gas manufacturing is going down due the price of Oil. So recruitment in the field of Oil & Gas, in addition to Construction will surely go down. But we trust in Saudi economics and the people in charge to take the right action to enhance the workforce market.

Second, is the nationalization pressures will increase and I can observe enhancement for the new young Saudi jobseekers, going to change the rudder to start using Saudi candidates for closing the gaps .Especially as those young people raise their capabilities by studying overseas and spend a lot of time in training .

But our company is in the high end of recruitment as we are primarily a Sales and Trading business. I have already recruited more than 150 employees with the last six months.


  • What is the most important skill that you believe job seekers must possess?
  • They must have ambition. That is the most important thing. You can hire many people who have skills but do not have ambition. If the candidate is not highly qualified but is ambitious, he can turn into a very good candidate in a space of three to six months with little support from us due to his drive to improve his skills and position. Those who have plenty of skills and academic strategy but do not have the willingness or the desire improve are just another employee.


  • Do you live by any particular motto in life?
  • There is no better than what god said (إِنَّا لَا نُضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلًا ).

God promises in the holy Quran that He will never waste our effort when we make the right thing.

So do your best in everything you do and be sure that God will not let you go unrewarded.


  • Any advice for HR professionals?
  • HR professionals must study. HR is an ongoing learning process. If you stop learning you will die. If you work in HR without learning new skills, new techniques, you are just another clerk and not an HR professional. I always tell HR professionals be a sponge. If you put a sponge in water it will collect all the water. So I tell them always be a sponge and collect all Knowledge from all available sources around you and never let anybody squeeze you to get this information down readily without plan. Collect all the information and knowledge .Be the person that people looking for you all the time to get involved, to help in a problem, to give you a trial, to give you an idea. Once you are a sponge, people will also know that you can involve in professional way and talk to you about everything then you can build up to improve their daily activity.
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