“The most important rule for me is to be honest with employees.”- Mohamed Youssef, HR Manager

Mohamed Youssef – HR Manager, Qatar Airways SSP LLC

Mohamed Youssef – HR Manager

Here is an extract of our interview with Mr. Mohamed Youssef, who is the Human Resources Manager for a leading Company in the Food & Beverages Sector based in Doha, Qatar.

  • Please tell us a little about your academic background. 
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, managing outlets and an HR International Diploma, from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. 


  • What prompted you to choose a profession in HR?
  • I graduated from Faculty of Hotel Management in Egypt. I love Management, and chose HR because it is a very integrated part of any industry and feel very passionate about it. We always say that HR is the soul of any industry. We have a good HR tailor; I use the word “Tailor”, because this is the most important description for the professional HR. HR rule is different for different sectors. As long we are professionals the most professional HR that can tailor the rules to match the business target is the most proficient. This is what interests me and I feel that this is the core. I feel that HR is an integrated business partner in all industries in all business aspects.


  •  What does a typical work day in your life look like?
  • I am a channel partner, in other words, a business partner with another sector. My daily routine includes many tasks, but there are mainly three areas in my line of work I check on, Accommodation, Exit/Entry of passengers into the country, and Recruitment update.I start with preparing a task list for at least two to three weeks. For the past few years I have been preparing an (inventory), a catalog of the passengers also. However, I start by checking my system and checking the system for the whole department, including the reference sheet that gives a record about attendance, complaints, etc.This is in addition to regular aspects of any HR management such as preparing Payrolls. I also fix my schedule for the whole month beforehand.


  • What are you prediction on trends for hiring in Qatar in the next few years?
  • Qatar has a vision, not only to organize the world cup in 2022, but as a country Qatar has a vision for the upcoming decade. For this, we need skilled employees in every area in addition, and just as important we need educated, technical professionals with experience that match this vision. On the management front, we need people who can not only manage people, but train others.


  •  What is your most favorite way to de-stress after a long day at work?
  • I like to be at home after a very long day at work and watch football matches especially the English Premier League and all the European Football matches. I really watch football a lot!


  • What is the best part about working in your company?
  • The best part about working in this company is that it’s a new experience. Working for updating of a company, managing different business sides, all this adds to various new experiences and different aspects of HR management.


  • In the Hospitality sector in Qatar, what does a job seeker look for?
  • In Hospitality, a job seeker looks for two things. A good income and just as importantly, good accommodation. All these come under facilities which also include food. Of course you know, the nature of employees is different. A Nepali has a different requirement than a Bangladeshi or a Filipino or Egyptian or Indian. For each nationality you need some specific requirements that can make them feel happy and comfortable.In addition to this they look for annual leave tickets because not all the employees can get this. I feel this is the same for all other sectors as well, as job seekers are looking for benefits and stability, so that they can stay as long as they want in Qatar.


  • How do you compare the Hospitality Sector in Qatar vis a vis that in Dubai?
  • Keep in mind that Dubai really has grown very fast over the last 20 years. But I believe that Qatar has to and will reach the same level. But Qatar has to open to change some things related to labor, to the law which can allow people working inside Qatar to move from sponsorship of one company to another company. So in this way, Qatar can get the experience of people already inside Qatar, so they can maintain and keep the people, who have Qatar experience, like we have now, or we used to have before in Dubai, but we usually put a condition if you have a Dubai experience. Because living in Dubai and working in Dubai, has a specific nature and you should have this experience to get a good salary, or to get a benefit in your salary. The same has to come here, has to be done here in Qatar. So you have Qatar experience because Qatar has a specific nature but as we say always that Qatar is growing and based on what we have now, I think, Qatar will grow very well in the future.


  • On a more personal front, do you live by any particular motto in your life?
  • Yes, I follow my traditions in dealing with people. The most important rule for me is to be honest with employees. It doesn’t matter where they are from, who they are or what they do because if I am honest with them, the company will be honest with me. I will have the best in my life, because in HR, our role is very critical, and our report is very important as we are like the connector between management and employee. So as much as I will be honest with everybody, I will have the best in my life because I control salaries, I control income, I control investigations. As long as I am honest and set a rule, I think I will succeed in my life.


  • Can you tell us about your experience with NG?
  • Naukrigulf is a very important business partner for the HR. NG provides very good service, not only in recruitment. It also provides management service, advice, and they provide very good presentation for the company. They provide professional people who help me and give me ideas that help in achieving my targets and grow my business.It’s a very nice organization that became a very good business provider in Asia and especially in the gulf area. It was a brilliant idea!
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