How To Follow Up After A Job Interview

You worked on your resume and applied to a number of jobs. Your resume gets shortlisted and you are invited for an interview.

According to you have nailed it. Right?

Or, a different case where you meet the recruiter and he/she seems quite interested and works for similar companies you are at present. The recruiter left with a note saying “keep in touch”.


But it has been a couple of weeks since you had that interview or the conversation with the recruiter but nothing happened after that.

What next? Is there a way to follow up without looking too desperate? The simple phenomena of following up scares a number of job seekers. Even if you know that the interview had clicked just at the right places you would rather do nothing than making a wrong follow-up move.

But that is not how it should be! It is necessary that you are on top of the minds of the recruiter and not only for the one job that you have applied for. Even if you are not the right fit for the current opening or the position that just got filled before you could show the company your worth. Staying connected to the HR person, the recruiter or a hiring manager can be really useful.

With this in mind, here are some simple and non-annoying ways to ease the “keep in touch” part of your job search process:

job interview followup

1. Ask “What is Next?” (Before Leaving the Interview)

The recruiters have an expectation that you would come up with a question at the end of the conversation in an interview. But there are a very few people who do this. If you ask the employer what is next, you have a correct idea of when to follow-up. For example, to your question the recruiter says that she/he will get in touch with the candidates in a week, it is okay to follow-up after say 9-10 days. It is fine to remind the recruiter of the timetable she/he had given you. Do not sound pushy, just leave a quick note:


Here is a Sample for Job Interview Follow Up Email

To –

Subject – Job Interview Follow-up

Message –

Hi Karen

I hope you are doing great. You said you would be finalizing the post of Digital Marketing Manager by the end of this week. I am keen to hear when you have an update about the same. And please let me know if there is something I can do from end that supports your decision making process.





2. The Effect of a Thank You Note

Thank You notes matter. These notes are meant to give you a perfect opportunity to follow-up with the recruiters and in the right way. It is always better to give out thank you notes to each person you have met in the interview and just after the interview probably on the same day of interview. A thank you note that reaches the employers in few hours of interview are known to create the wow effect on them.

You should smartly use this moment to confirm to the decision maker that you are on top of things and would add value to the position you have applied to. Thank You notes make it easy for the decision maker to come to a decision.


3. Connect With Them

You certainly are looking for a long term relationship with the recruiter. So it is perfectly fine to get connected to the interviewer on social platforms. You do not have attack someone surprisingly with your request or leave the decision maker speculating what your motives behind the move are.

It is better to have a logical reason to seek connection. Create that logic in your conversation and then politely ask if the interviewer is OK about you connecting on a social media platform when you are still at the interview.

Once you are connected, you are free to build a long-term professional relationship whether you get the job or not.


4.  Check in Periodically if Things Start to Drag Long

This is one of those things that you might refrain yourself from doing. The periodic-check in. But, no matter how difficult it is, it is one of the most important steps of following-up after an interview. The periodic checking should be used throughout your career to keep your professional network engaged and fresh.

Checking does not necessarily have to be the harassment of “did I get the job” or “Is there an opening?” It is more of adding value. By doing the same, you will make your presence stronger in the recruiter’s mind.


Here are few things that you can do to keep your contact alive:

–  Forward an article that you found interesting and thought she/he might also be interested to give it a read


–  Congratulate her/him on any new accomplishment

–  Thank her/him for any advice that worked for you


You should keep it plain and simple without asking anything in return. If the recruiter has an update, she/he will get in touch with you.

Keeping a touch once in a month is enough to be present on you recruiter’s mind.

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