How to Ace a Job Interview in Dubai

Job Interview in DubaiDubai job market is full of lucrative job opportunities, but only those who know the right drill to ace their interview are able to land a job successfully. The interview is an important stage of job search. With the increasing competition, there is no chance that you can miss any option to convince the interviewer to shortlist you for the job offer.

However, interview preparation is not just about preparing answers for various common interview questions. It also includes the other side that job seekers mostly fail to recognize, i.e., it is more of a two-way flow of information where you have to answer the interviewer’s questions and also ask questions that help you to make the right career decision.


Here are a few tips to help you deal with your job interviews in Dubai:


  • Ask Yourself ‘Why’

Most of the employers in Dubai ask job seekers that what motivates them to seek a career opportunity in Dubai. This question is most common when it comes to hiring expat job seekers. Therefore, before giving a clear and convincing answer to the prospective employer, it is vital that you have done self-analysis about how working abroad can add value to your career. Also, doing your SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) helps you to answer some of the important interview questions like ‘what are your strengths?’, ‘why should we hire you?’ etc., as you can easily talk about these things to convince how you are suitable for the job offer.

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  • Research About the Company

Doing proper research about the company is the key to selling yourself in a face-to-face interview. Candidates having a little or no information about the company they have applied for are the first one to be rejected by the employers. Therefore, it goes without saying that research is the first step towards preparing for a successful interview. All you can do is read the company’s website to understand its business, products & services, mission, and vision to prepare your interview answers. Talking confidently about the company’s information wherever suitable in your conversation with the hiring manager definitely shows you in a good light.

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  • Dress for the Success

Like you dress appropriately for every occasion, dressing up wisely for a job interview plays an important role in the selection. Therefore, when it comes to cracking a job interview in Dubai, keeping in mind the company’s dress code is helpful to fit in the culture. While wearing a formal business suit for boys and a moderate dress code for girls is an ideal option, dressing in style and tone of the organization is the way to impress the employer.


  • Take the Interview Etiquettes along

You are dressed well, carry a perfect CV and prepared all the possible interview questions, but all your efforts go waste if you lack interview etiquette, which means how you conduct yourself in an interview. It includes how you speak, behave, and other habits that are required to make the best impression on the interviewer.  In reality, the employer starts ranking you on this parameter right from the moment you enter the interview room. Walk straight when you enter the room and keep a pleasant smile on your face. Although, offering a handshake is important but in an Islamic country, it is not appropriate to initiate a handshake to the opposite sex. Therefore, you should wait for them to offer a handshake first.

When appearing for a job interview in an Arab country, knowing the local culture is important. So, if you are offered coffee, water or tea, you should accept it as it is considered rude in their culture to refuse an offer. Other important tips include:

— Before sitting, wait until the interviewer offers you to sit

— Maintain an eye contact with the interview panel

— Maintain a moderate tone to answer the questions

— Never shake your legs or use excessive hand movements to talk

— Do not slouch, rather sit straight

— Do not use your mobile phone, it shows disrespect for the interviewer

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  • Prepare the Right Set of Questions for Interviewer

As mentioned, an interview is a two-way information process and therefore at the end of the interview most of the employers ask, ‘do you have any questions for us?’ This question provides a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions that can also help you understand how suitable the job role can be for your career. At this time, you can ask relevant questions related to the job role offered, new projects planned, work culture, etc. However, it is advised not to initiate the salary question and leave it to the interviewer to break the ice if he finds you suitable for the position. Any interviewer will be impressed to hear intelligent and meaningful questions.


  • Add Skills

Analyze the job market in your industry to understand what skills employers look for in a job role. Add certifications or additional courses that make you a fit for the job. Also, learning an additional language adds credentials to your CV and shows how focused you are in your career planning. In this case, learning Arabic gives you an advantage over your competition, particularly in job roles that require you to meet people.


  • Learn the Art of Appropriate Salary Negotiation

Your final selection also majorly depends on one important factor- salary. Consider a situation where an employer has interviewed two equally competent job candidates, but one gets selected as he has asked for a reasonable salary. Here comes the importance of salary negotiation. This involves doing a proper analysis of job market to understand your worth. When you ask more than the market rate and when you accept less salary offer, the situation is not appropriate in both the conditions.

By adapting a right approach, you are sure to ace that job interview.

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Good luck!


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