Basics of Sending a Thank You Letter after a Job Interview [Sample Included]

Did you know that most of the job applicants don’t care to follow up with the employer after a job interview?

You had a great interview and you are assured that you have cracked it. But then comes the bad news that you lost your candidature to some other candidate. It could be because you did not send a thank you note after the interview. Therefore, make a point to send the thank you letter after every interview you appear for.


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You see, a lot has changed in an interview process. There are video interviews, telephonic interviews and much more, but what has not changed is the need to express gratitude towards the recruiters for the opportunity they provide to the job seeker.


You must be having these questions in your mind now. Take a look –


To Whom Should I Contact?

If you have been interviewed by a panel, send personal notes to each member of the panel, this would create a good impression. Ask your interviewer(s) for the business cards so that you have their contact details.


Why do I need to send a thank you letter?

Keep this in mind that your recruiter is one over-burdened guy, who may forget that you had faced an interview with him/her. Your quick thank you letter shows that you know how to be polite and how serious you are about having a progressive career with the company.


When shall I send it?

As early as possible! Drop the thank you note after the interview as soon as possible, preferably by the next day. It is a perfect way to strengthen your relationship with the interviewer.


How to send a thank you letter?

There were days when handwritten thank you letters were sent via courier, you can still do that but in today’s fast world, you need to be smarter and quicker. Simply draft a short thank you email after the interview and send it to your interviewer. However, there are still traditional people who prefer receiving handwritten notes. Take your call.


What to mention?

Keep it short and sweet. Thank the interviewer for taking out time to interview you. Do not forget to reiterate your interest in the position.


Here is a sample job interview thank you email –


Hi [Interviewer Name],

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to interview for the position of [job title] [yesterday/today]. It was a pleasure to learn more about the position, and I am very excited about the opportunity. The job looks like a perfect match for my skills and interests.

Your creative approach to [job title] confirmed my desire to work with you.

Apart from enthusiasm, I ensure you to bring to the position strong [work specific skills], assertiveness, and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively in the team.

I thank you again for considering me for this exciting opportunity. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


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‎✔  Proofread your e-mail before sending to the interviewer

‎✔  Mention job position in the subject line

‎✔  Include links to your online portfolio

‎✔  Mention your contact information



‎✔  Start stalking your interviewer

‎✔  Be very casual

‎✔  Sound desperate for the job

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