Job Search Tips for Middle Level Managers

Mid-level professionals have been in the workforce for years and have a fair idea regarding what works for them and what does not; be it the kind of the industry, job profile, company culture, or the company. They must make the most of this information and create a list of companies and job profiles they would like to pursue. However, they too can get stuck while looking for a job.
job search tips for manager level employee

Following are some quick tips to help middle-level managers plan their next career move.

Make the most of your network:– There is a popular saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” What you know represents your knowledge about the subject, skills and truly reflects in your work experience. However, who you know can be the dynamic that may help you get in the door. Hence, don’t hesitate to reach out to your network in the need of an hour.
As a middle-level manager with significant experience, you surely would have grown your professional network over years now. Since it generally has people who either know you well or have worked with you in the past, it makes it easier to connect with them as they know your skills or know you as a professional.
For example, getting a reference or even a mention from someone who already works at a company or know the hiring requirements of any company can help you to a great extent.

Revisit your CV:– With growing years of experience, we all start overlooking the importance of updating our CV. This is a general tendency. However, take out time and revisit and revamp your CV. Understand the areas where you have gained skills or grown and would like to update to gain attention from recruiters. Also, you may want to add certifications or new areas that you have recently earned. Regularly updating your CV on the job portals showcase you as an active job seeker and hence get your profile more eyeballs. Do give it a try.

Update your persona:- Do you know what you post about yourself on social media also matters! Social media is all about connections and you never know what door of opportunity may open or shut when you are posting certain content. Evaluate what is important to post and what you can go away with. After all, it is all leading to building your personal brand.

Stay updated about industry insights:- Though most industries have been hit by the pandemic, there are still many industries and companies that are hiring during Covid-19. Companies in travel, hospitality, education, food services and event planning have been impacted the most. Contrary, the healthcare and pharma industry are hiring rapidly to meet demand. Some jobs are booming, and employers are actively recruiting candidates for employment.

E.g. Ed-tech players have seen a surge in the demand of their services and need more and more people to join them to cater to their growing customer base. Almost all of them are offering full time, part-time, and work from home options. You can consider applying to these companies.

Many such options can open up before you, if you keep yourself updated with the industry insights and recent happenings.

Consider temp/gig/part-time jobs:- Never say never to an opportunity. In case, your job has been affected due to the current crisis and you are actively looking out, we suggest you to be flexible in your choices. Don’t turn down any job offer just because it is Part Time Job, Contractual or temporary in nature. It will still help you utilize your skills and supplement your income. Meanwhile, keep your profile updated and set job alerts so that you are notified about new job postings as soon as they are listed on the portal.

Lastly but importantly, do not lose your morale if your job search process is taking the time. Amid the current situation, figure out your possibilities and work accordingly. Remember to take care of your health as it matters the most! We all are in it together and this phase too shall pass.

All the best for your next transition. Stay safe, stay healthy.


FAQs for Middle-Level Manager Job Search

1. What are the top factors middle level managers should check while applying?
Any job you apply for should be checked for career advancement, wok life balance and the company’s vision.

2. How do I search for a job in 2020?
Here are quick tips to find a job in 2020:
1. Update your CV on job portals: Keep your profile updated on job portals like You can browse through the current open positions across companies and industries and apply for related jobs in no time.
2. Stay updated about industry insights. Know what industries are hiring and you may shortlist the companies accordingly.
3. Do not reject any temporary project. If you will perform well, it may convert into a full-time opportunity for you.
4. Connect with your network: Ask your friends and ex-colleagues to refer open positions matching your profile or refer you in their current organization.

3. What is good career advice for middle-level professionals?
Choose your career options wisely as it will set the course for your future. While applying to any job, read the job description thoroughly, and understand about the company. Evaluate all the pros and cons. Don’t jump the gun.

4. Is it important to update CV for middle-level professionals?
It is extremely important for all professionals to update their CV regularly, irrespective of the level. You must consider adding your new experience, skills, or certifications to your profile. This will increase your chances of landing good job opportunities and visibility among recruiters.

5. What are the most in-demand jobs in the UAE during Covid-19?
There are many sectors actively hiring during covid-19 pandemic. We bring you a list of the current most in-demand jobs in UAE. This includes:
1. Healthcare Specialists
2. Financial Planning Experts
3. Tech experts to support emerging technologies like AI, ML and data science
4. Home Care Nurses
5. Warehouse helpers

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