How to Create a Lasting Impression on the First Day of Your Job


You have successfully impressed the hiring managers. You have cleared all the interview rounds. The mail confirming your selection and date of joining has reached your email. Everything is set and done. Finally, you are through with the stress of job search. However, getting the job does not guarantee that it is going to be a smooth ride ahead. To make sure you start off on a great note, it is important to impress your new boss. Chances are you have met the boss already during one of the interview rounds or at least heard about him/her from the hiring manager. You don’t know how the new boss is, as a person to be able to judge what s/he may or may not appreciate. However, there are certain things that are appreciated by every boss.

Outlined below are a few tips for the first day at work that will help you create a lasting impression on your new boss:

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1. Reach office on time:

Punctuality is one of the most admired traits. The importance of being on time is always stressed upon when appearing for an interview. However, the same applies for the first day at work too. If possible, try and reach 10-15 minutes early. It shows your enthusiasm for the new job and the role. Your boss will feel confident about his/her decision of hiring you.

If your shift gets over at 5 PM or 6 PM, don’t leave at the exact time. Stay in for a little longer to observe at what time your team members leave for home.


2. Go prepared with an introduction:

Generally, the first day at a new job goes in completing the paperwork, official formalities, introduction to the company and meeting with the team. New employees are expected to give a formal introduction of themselves. So, go prepared with a professional introduction speech. Make sure it is short and relevant. Refrain from stating hobbies like sleeping or watching television. Rather, talk about your interest such as playing sports or anything that is relevant to your field of work. If you go prepared you won’t fumble or take too much time on thinking what to say on the spot. You will be more confident and it is something bosses love to see in their employees.


3. Dress appropriately:

Chances are by the time you are through with the hiring formalities, you already would know about the dress code followed at the new office. However, it is always good to check with the HR department of your new company about the same. First impressions are indeed very important and you don’t want to ruin it by showing up for your first day on the job wearing something inappropriate.

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4. Ask Questions:

By this time, you will have some idea of what exactly you will be doing in your new role. So, before the first day at work, sit down and make a list of all possible questions that you can ask about the work and responsibilities. It shows your sincerity and excitement for the new job and will without a doubt impress your boss. Moreover, this information will help you understand the work and start doing the job quickly.


5. Take notes:

While seeking answers to all the questions, make sure to write down all the important information on a notepad. On your first day at work, a lot of information will be shared related to work and company policies. Doing so will reduce the learning time and you won’t have to ask something that was already shared with you on the first day later again and again.


6. Avoid taking personal calls:

You won’t be required to get started with work on the first day itself and chances are you will have to sit idle. Don’t take this as an excuse to catch up with your friends over phone or messages. Taking personal calls is one of the biggest deal breakers and no boss appreciates it. If you find yourself sitting idle, go check out the office premises, check the company website or read something related to your work. The key is to utilize the time productively to make sure your boss doesn’t regret his/her decision of hiring you.


7. Socialize:

Another great way to utilize time on your first day at work is to catch up with your new colleagues. Talk to them about work and other things. They will also help you understand the work and company policies. Once you have formed a cordial relationship with your peers, you will become a part of the team in no time.


8. Don’t forget to smile:

First days can make even the most confident people nervous. Don’t let the nervousness show on your face. Smile whenever you meet or talk to somebody. It will help you appear confident and will assure your boss that s/he has hired somebody with a pleasing personality.

Keep these tips in mind and rock your first day at work!

All the best!

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