How to Write a Leave Application to Your Employer? [Sample Included]

How to Write a Leave Application

Everyone at some point in his/her professional life may need to avail leaves longer than she/he is officially allowed. It may be that you are planning to go for a vacation, or suffering from a prolonged illness, or want to take a sabbatical for your education. Whatever may the reason be, asking for a long leave puts in a tricky and nerve-wracking situation. So, it is important for you to stop imagining how your manager would react and send your leave application letter proactively, as soon as possible.



It’s up to you to decide how you want to take things up. But never let your fears stop you from approaching your seniors and discussing things with them. However, it is important that you find out ways to avoid conflicts and gain a quick approval.

You want to sound professional, so avoid sending a WhatsApp or a text message. Always follow the practice of sending your request in writing. It increases the chances that your manager will grant your request. Sending a leave letter gives you a proof of your request while outlining various aspects of your leave, it will keep a track of the date from when you want to take a leave and till which date?


How to Get Started?

It is indeed a troublesome situation to ask your employer about an extended leave. After all, no employer would want a valuable team member out for a longer period. To make the things easier, outlined below are a few tips that you can follow–


Inform Your Employer Early

If any of your close family members falls critically ill and you need to be with them, let your supervisor know about it. Similarly, if you are having any health issue and require some time off to get some rest or undergo a surgery, always keep your supervisor informed as soon as you come to know it.

Even if you are planning to take maternity leave and your employer is aware of the fact that you are expecting a baby, keep them informed about the dates as per the company policy. Speak to your supervisor before sending your request; it should not come as a surprise to them. It should be done face-to-face and in private. Before meeting your supervisor, educate yourself on the company’s policy on maternity leaves.


Maintain Transparency

Be honest and be transparent as much as possible about your time off. Explain the reasons why it is important for you to take those leaves. Ensure that you finish all your pending work before going on leave.


Discuss How Your Work Will Be Handled in Your Absence

You must proceed with an action plan. Let your supervisor know how you are planning to distribute your work and how will your work be managed in your absence. You can also seek some help from your supervisor on how to streamline the work. This will present you as a proactive and a responsible employee.


What to Include in Your Formal Leave Application Letter?

If you are planning to send a formal leave request, your leave letter should include:

A request for a leave

Date range when you will be away from work

Your work plan in your absence

An offer to provide assistance, if feasible


Formal Leave Letter Sample

Here is an example of an email requesting leaves.

Subject: Leave of Absence – <Name>

Dear <Supervisor’s Name>,

As we had already discussed yesterday, I would like to put forward my leave request to pursue a course/for family vacation/others. I have planned my leaves from <Date range> and I will be returning to work on <Date>.

I will ensure that there is no task left pending from my end and will be glad to help you with a plan to cover my workload in my absence. I will be available on email and phone calls and will be happy to provide any kind of assistance while I am away.

Please do let me know in case you require any additional information. Thank you for your consideration.


Yours sincerely,


Keep These Things in Mind

If you are going for a long vacation, mark your HR manager as well in the mail

Ensure that you proofread your request before you send it to your supervisor

Have patience and give your supervisor some time to respond. Don’t start bombarding them with follow up emails.

Asking for leaves for an extended period of time is indeed tough for anyone, but no supervisor will scrap off your request if you have a valid reason. Hope this guide will help you write your leave request in a polite, professional and considerate manner.


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