How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Employment?

Those who are working in the capacity of a manager or as a supervisor must have received or are more likely to get requests for writing a letter of recommendation for their employees. It feels great to be considered as the right person for recommending somebody for a job they really want to take. However, it also means an extra task being added to your already long to-do list. Writing an effective letter of recommendation will need you to take a couple of things into consideration.


Quick Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation

To make it easy for you, we have outlined some simple yet effective tips for drafting a letter of recommendation that will do the trick for the employee who has asked for it.


  1. 1. Figure Out if you are the Right Person

Ideally, it is the requester’s job to identify the right person who can write a letter of recommendation for them. Still, the writer should take the time to sit down and contemplate whether or not s/he is the right person for writing the letter.

It might be that the employee has changed the industry and may be looking at a job that is nowhere related to what you are currently doing. In such cases, it is best to advice the requester to look for a more appropriate person. Otherwise, the reference letter will fail to have an impact on the reader.


  1. 2. Explain how you know the Employee

Start your letter by explaining how you know the employee by furnishing details such as the company, department, job profile and designation. This will help you set the context and show the reader how you are eligible for recommending the employee for their company.


  1. 3. Quote Real-Life Incidents

Make it a point to share 2-3 real-life incidents where the employee went above and beyond to deliver his work in the best possible way. Try to quote those incidents that would be relevant to the job that the employee is looking at. This will help the reader picture the prospective employee doing great at the job assigned to him/her.

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  1. 4. Link it to the Job Position

Do not forget to mention some of the skills and qualities of the employee that make him/her an ideal candidate for the job and the company. Here again, stating the skills and qualities relevant to the job are important. To decide what to write, you can ask the employee to share the job description so that you pick the most critical skills and qualities from it. However, don’t mention the skills just for the sake of it. Mention only about those qualities that you feel the employee possess.

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  1. 5. Share your Contact Details

Keep the option open if in case the person reading your letter of recommendation wants to reach out to you to discuss something about the employee. Do share your email id, office address, and phone number in the letter. This will assure the reader that s/he can reach out to you in case of s/he has any doubts, questions or confusions.


  1. 6. Proofread it Thoroughly

Lastly, ensure that you have proofread the letter of recommendation thoroughly as it not just about sharing some good words about the employee. Creating a good impression of yourself is equally important. Let the employee for whom you have written the letter go through it so that s/he too can suggest if there is something that needs to be added or edited in the letter.


Recommendation Letter Sample


[Your Company’s Name]

[Your Company’s Address]


Dear Mr. / Ms. [Employee’s Prospective Boss’s Name] or To Whom It May Concern,

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend [Employee’s Name] for [Job Position] with [Company Applied For]. As [Your Job Title] at [Your Company Name] for the past [Duration], I’ve benefited from his/her [Critical Skill 1], [Critical Skill 2], and [Critical Skill 3] to [Explain Outcome 1].

[Name] is/was responsible for [Key Responsibility], and I know for a fact that his [Quality 1] and [Quality 2] helped the company [Explain Outcome 2].

As a colleague, [Name] is [Talk About Some Personality Traits]. It is his/her this nature that made working on difficult projects and meeting tough deadlines much easier for his team.

Please feel free to contact me should you like to know more or discuss [Name]’s qualifications and experience further. I’d be happy to answer your questions.


Thank you & best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number]

On a Concluding Note

Before you start writing the letter of recommendation gather all the information you need about the job the employee is interested as well as his/her work experience. When you have the information, writing an impressive reference letter will be easy, especially if you follow the above-mentioned tips properly.


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