Ramadan 2019: How to Make the Most of Your Workday while Fasting?

Ramadan 2019

Ramadan, the ninth month as per the Islamic calender, is one of the most sacred months. The 1st day of Ramadan 2019 will begin on Monday, 6th of May 2019 and the last day will be on Tuesday, 4th of June 2019.
Are you all geared up to welcome the holy month of Ramadan? Those who observe a strict fast from dawn till dusk for the entire month every year would know how difficult it gets at times to maintain productivity at the workplace.
However, there are certain things employees who will be fasting can do to stay productive yet maintain a healthy work-life balance during Ramadan. Here are a few tips you can follow to make Ramadan a lot more productive this 2019:

Tips to Make Ramadan 2019 More Productive for those who will be Fasting


Tip #1. Do not skip ‘Suhoor’

‘Suhoor’ is the most crucial meal of the day during the holy month of Ramadan. It is important that you don’t miss it. Otherwise, managing your day will be extremely difficult. Make it a point to wake up early so that you are able to perform your morning prayers and have ample time for ‘Suhoor’ before the dawn finally breaks.

Tip #2. Choose Healthy Food Options

Choose healthy options for eating during the non-fasting hours. Here are some quick tips:

– Consuming lots of fruits will keep you hydrated the entire day.

– Avoiding fried food and food with high salt contents will help you feel less thirsty.

– Going for carbohydrate, protein and fiber-rich meals will help you stay energetic throughout the day.

A well-balanced diet can help you maintain your health and energy levels throughout the day.

Tip #3. Plan Your Workdays in Advance

Concentrating on work gets challenging for professionals during the holy month of Ramadan as hunger, thirst, and fatigue kick in and cause distractions. Plan your workdays in advance to focus your time and energy on k and finish it without any delay. It will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance during Ramadan.

Tip #4. Plan Your Household Chores as well

Not just the work, but a little planning can help you make the most of your entire day during Ramadan. This is especially true for working mothers who have to juggle their time between home and work. Plan and complete your daily household chores efficiently by requesting an involvement of your spouse and children. This will help you get more done in less time without putting excessive strain on your health. Additionally, doing household chores together is a great way of spending time and strengthening bonds with your family members. Also, it will ensure that you get enough time to rest and prepare yourself for work the next day.

Tip #5. Utilize Your Energy Efficiently

Prepare a to-do list of daily tasks and identify the ones that are crucial and require immediate attention. Your energy level is at its peak during the morning hours. So, take up high priority tasks or tasks that require more energy first and complete them. Ensure to get proper rest by going to bed early at night so that you can wake up early and have ample time for the morning prayers and ‘Suhoor’. A healthy and hearty meal will make your mornings energetic and allow you to accomplish more.
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Tip #6. Organize Meetings Smartly

Your job might require you to meet customers and clients outside the office. During Ramadan, it is advisable to plan such meetings carefully and smartly. You can either schedule them over one of the video calling apps or, if absolutely necessary, plan such meetings during the first half of the workday.
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Tip #7. Recharge Yourself during Breaks / Afternoons

Hunger and tiredness may take a toll on your productivity as the day progresses. It is highly advisable to take a quick five-minute break after every hour. You can take a short walk to the washroom and wash your face a couple of times as it will help you feel fresh and relaxed for a while.

Last but not least; be consistent in your efforts to make the most of your workdays while fasting during Ramadan this 2019. Follow and implement the advice shared here on a daily basis.

We truly hope that these tips will help you maintain your productivity during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem to you and your family from all of us at Naukrigulf.com!

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