Write a One Page CV – Brief, Compact and Powerful

A CV is an important part of your job search, and a one page CV enhances your job search. It clearly explains to the employers about the benefits you have brought to the past employers. A one page CV clearly highlights your achievements and saves recruiters’ time to look for achievements in your CV.

This type of CV leaves an impression that you value your employer’s time. To write a one page CV make sure you focus on your recent experience, most relevant qualifications, relevant and recent achievements along with a short summary paragraph that gives the employers an idea about why you are the perfect fit for the role.

Here is how a one page CV can help you getting the job:

one page cv importance

Short Attention Span of Recruiters

Recruiters have a number of CVs to look through. It does not matter if you are an entry level professional or an experienced one, on an average a recruiter will spend about six seconds on your profile. So a short and crisp one page CV would gather more attention.


Keep Information More Meaningful

Whatever you put on your CV should be meaningful. No recruiter is interested in reading pages of information that is not useful for them. Your CV should not be a detailed version of your education and experience. In fact, it should highlight your key accomplishments and skills that make you the perfect fit for the job applied.

It is a marketing document that the recruiter uses to judge a candidate for the job applied. Like a company only uses the core benefits to market its products, you should add your skills relevant to the job applied, related job experiences and key strengths.

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Your Targeted Keywords are Easily Noticeable

Your CV should be modified for every job you apply. This is because every job description will have different keywords that are of high importance. So if you want your recruiter to notice the keywords that you have used for a job search, you will use limited words. The keywords would easily be read if there are limited words. So, it is advised to put only relevant and important information on your CV. Too many points would shift the focus from your CV.


A One Page CV Brings You Out as Organized

A well-formatted single page CV that has the accurate information shows to the recruiter that you have the skill of being organized.


It Creates a Great First Impression

Your CV is the first impression that recruiter has of yours. If your CV is well formatted and tells what the employer needs in a fraction of seconds, they would start valuing you since you valued the recruiter’s time. The idea is to select and do not compress the information.  Add things that add value to your resume relevant to the job.


Use a Great Summary

Try and catch the attention of your recruiter with the first section of your CV that is the summary or the personal statement.  This section of your CV will be the highlight of your entire CV. Make sure you include important keywords that are mentioned in the job description of the job vacancy you are applying to. Add keywords that increase the value of your CV. Do not just load them.


Ready to Use Handy Tips

Now that you know the importance of a one page CV, here are some handy tips that will help you write down faster and better.

–  Keep the focus on your most recent experience

–  Use only relevant educational information

–  Use only relevant and recent achievements

–  Pay attention to your summary

–  Keep proper white spacing

–  Do not clutter information

–  Use a format that is readable

Remember a good and well drafted resume is the key towards landing your dream job.

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