11 Ways To Make Your Bad Job Better

Nearly everyone have had bad jobs. When unhappy at work; one feels sorry for oneself, helpless and distressed. Instead of just dragging yourself to work each day, you should be willing to make things better for you. Getting yourself a new job might be an option but if you have stayed just a few months in the organization, you should work on managing things rather than just simply taking an exit.

Here are 11 ways you can make your lousymake-a-bad-job-better job better:


  1.  1. Start Writing

You can start improving your situation by writing down. Write down what you really feel bad about this job, what is stopping you from getting a new job. Write down about the job that would be ideal for you. Get to know what is blocking your motion towards the future. If it is something you can control, writing about it might give you clear view soon.


  1. 2. Find the Hidden Value in Your Job

Like you can find an ester egg in a video game, there is a possibility that you can find value in the most horrendous job scenarios. Try finding positives that will add value to your CV. Use powerful descriptions of your stories to convey the good things about your job. Instead of hating your job, use your energy to find the good things you can take from this part of your life.


  1. 3. Decide Your Tenure

You can’t stay in a terrible job forever. Get a timeline for yourself and write it down and have a plan that makes you stick to it. In a while, you will have a changed mind-set that will change your thoughts from being stuck at a job to having a plan to learn maximum, accumulate the positives and take the next step forward in your career.


  1. 4. Do Something Concrete For Your Future

Use every day to have a brighter future. It can be making good connections, volunteering work out of your responsibility areas, etc. Use whatever this job offers you and add to your own advantage.


  1. 5. Stop Complaining About Work at Work

If you find yourself complaining about work at work, immediately stop. Zip you lip and work with full energy to create a positive future for yourself.


  1. 6. Get Control over Your Work Life

You have more control over your work life than you think you have. Keeping a positive environment, wearing good clothes and grooming yourself for work would add to your confidence and let you have control over your work life.


  1. 7. Make a List of Your Accomplishments

Find ways to remain motivated at work and one such way is to list down all the achievements you have made at work. Keep this list in front of your eyes so that it keeps you motivated for the time you are going to spend in the organization.


  1. 8. Do Not Let Your Job Define You

If your dissatisfaction towards your job is because you think the job is beneath you, change the way you think. It takes years to find a job that utilizes all your heart and brain. A job that does not excite you, use it as a springboard towards your true calling.


  1. 9. Change Your Relationship

A workplace is an important part of your job and if your workplace does not make you comfortable, you would not enjoy it. So if you have a grudge against someone at work, let it go for your own benefit. Change the relationships you have at work and things will get better for you.


  1. 10. Acknowledge and Thank People

Make your co-workers feel that you value their help. Valuing other people at work would definitely add value to your own profile.


  1. 11. Finally, Take a Break

Your career graph is not that impressive as you had imagined it to be, stop thinking and give yourself a break. Career is not a linear thing and you will have to make sideways and unexpected moves in order to learn and grow. Just remember that no one is judging you for the decisions you make. You are only judged for the kind of work you deliver at any job you are at.

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There are number of subtle and varied reasons that make a job bad. You have to be willing for yourself to make a bad job better. Take the steps and create a healthy and satisfying environment for yourself till the time you are there.

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