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Recruiters often complain about the behavior and lack of professionalism amongst the candidates that come for an interview. But, as a recruiter have you ever analyzed your recruiting systems and the hassles that it can create. A lot of times the recruiters do not realize that their systems can cause troubles for the candidates that appear for the process.

Not only it wastes a lot of time of the candidates, it also confuses applicants and drives top candidates away. A leading organization has its focus on all touch points including the candidates. In order to create a hassle free interview process, here are 5 ways you can smooth this process:


– Create Specific and Clear Job Descriptions

Vague sounding job descriptions can sway the top candidates away. Improper job descriptions make you look like you have no idea about what are you looking for, or have just copied and pasted from a similar job posting you found online. These are sure to leave a bad impression.

If you are trying to make your mark as a great recruiter, avoid taking shortcuts. Use specific language that includes the tasks the job demands. A good job description also explains what is in store for the candidate. It also helps the candidate self-screen and keeps themselves from the job they do not like saving your time later.


– Simplify the Application Process for Qualified Candidates

When you design an application especially through a web portal, try it yourself. Note exactly how much time it takes for you to upload your resume or to fill in the details. Examine the process carefully and note the points where you lost your patience and waited to just leave. If you find any loopholes, correct them immediately. Also ask yourself, if the process is too tedious.

Have a confirmation receipt for the applicants, to ensure that you have the application on file. This keeps the candidate interested and would motivate them to follow-up.


– Accelerate the End-To-End Process

Long hiring cycles can leave a candidate in doubt. It is understandable that these processes are time taking but try to find bottlenecks where you can save time. Candidates looking for a job would not let any opportunity go and you do not want to lose a potential candidate to your competition.

Be upfront and honest about the time it would take from beginning to end and what the candidate will have to go through in the entire process.


– Keep a Clear Communication at Every Step

It is important to keep your candidates in the loop at each step. Keep them informed about the processes and let them know where they stand. It keeps them interested even if the process is long.

Also, use a method of communication that is preferred by the candidate. Help them with your feedback even if they do not make it through. A simple e-mail would do the needful. Keep them off the dreaded silence. Be professional and connect with them at every step.


– Hiring Process is a Marketing Opportunity

Give your candidates an open access that gives them a feel that they have control over the process. Your sole aim should be to give them a warm feeling about your organization even if their application is not successful. In the digital age, where social media has a lot to do, you need to maintain your image. The last thing you would like to see would be your company being trashed on social media.

As a recruiter, give your best to every person looking around to get a job. Keep a simple process to attract people. This would help you get the right and best candidates.



The hiring process has different stages. From the screening of resume to the final generation of the offer letter, each and every step should be systemized and logical. It should give your candidate a complete ease during the process. A job search process is already a stressful job for the job seekers, so as an employer help them reduce the stress.


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