Naukrigulf Job Search just became more powerful and flexible

We just revamped our job search to make it easier to refine search results and zero-in on the perfect opportunities. Sometimes, searching for the right job can feel like looking for needles among a stack of other similar looking needles. Searching for jobs which match your target job title, salary range and experience should be as easy and intuitive as possible.

Multiple Selections in Clusters

See these values on the left side of the job search page?


These are called clusters. Now, you can choose as many values as you like to customize your search and reach the jobs which exactly match your requirements. Just Hit this Refine button once you have made all your selections.


A Cleaner Search Page

We made the search results page cleaner with lesser clutter, removed jarring colors and fixed the positions for all important information. The new design makes it easier to glean all important information in quick succession and decide instantly whether to view a job or not.

Find Jobs by Title

We recognize jobs instantly by their titles or designations. We have now provided a powerful new filter along with our clusters called “Job Titles”. Once you have searched on relevant skills, you can now ask the search to show you only jobs with those titles that you like.

Let’s say you search for sales and now you want to view only Business Development Manager or Sales Manager opportunities and not say, Sales Engineer. Just click, click and Go..

Save your Searches as Alerts

Let’s say that you like the jobs that you see after your searching and refining. You don’t have to remember all the selections you just made. Just ask us to save this search as an alert and we will send you only those jobs which precisely match your search and refining criteria.


On Mobile too

Never ones to leave things half done, we have made sure all these new features are available on our mobile site too, effective immediately.

To refine, hit the Refine icon on the top right-corner. Choose the criteria on which you want to refine your search. Choose the values which best match your target jobs and select as many as you like.


Once you hit Done, you can choose more values from other clusters too.


Hit Refine when you are satisfied and enjoy!

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