Looking for a New Job? Here is How to go about it!

A desire to fast track your career or simply a change for personal reasons, there comes a time when you start looking out for a job change. The reasons for job change can be a) stressed out with current work profile or b) seeking a new opportunity for monetary benefits. It could be anything that could push forward towards the job search process but the result sums up to finding an opportunity where you can learn and earn. Having decided to make the move, the question arises how to go about it.

Consider these factors before taking the decision to switch job.

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Start with Your Resume

If you have been in the same job for a couple of years and now you are considering a change in your job, chances are that your resume has been untouched since the time you received an offer letter from your current employer. To begin a new job search, the first and the foremost thing that you should do is start working on your resume. Update your competencies and experience and relate it to the new job you are looking at.

Remember, your resume should be modified with every job that you apply.


Enhance or Revive your Professional Network

Your professional network could be your ‘job search engine’ if you are smart enough to use it. Get in touch with people in your industry working in different organizations to know about job openings. You can also use them as referrals in your process of landing a new job.

Other than this, if you plan to switch your industry, your networks can help you understand the new industry and how you should go about finding a job. Also, they can assist you with the industry standards and trends so that you are not exploited.


Enhance Your Interview Skills

If you are working in back-end processes or where there is no direct communication required, your interview skills might need a touch up. Read these tips to find ways to enhance your skills. Focus on these points in order to land successfully to a new job.

Always keep a positive outlook when meeting new people. Call in confidence, interpersonal skills, self-esteem or self-belief, you got to make the employer believe that you are the best-suited applicant for the job.


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Once you have an offer in hand, you just can’t go haywire about your current job. You have to make sure that you exit on a positive note, keeping your present employer in confidence. For that you need to plan your exit.


Like the Resume, Focus on the Resignation Letter


“Dear Boss,

I Quit!”

No employee can ever write that as a resignation letter. It is a great format, if you see it through your sense of humour. Resignation letters also have a format that you can use. It makes you look professional, ethical and would definitely pitch you good references. Give a notice period to wind up and handover your responsibilities.


Personally Break the News to People Who Should Know

Starting with your boss, personally inform each person you report to about your decision. Before you do that, it is better keep excitement level under control for the new job. You could share with people who you know would not spill the beans for you.

Though it is always better to start your quitting process by letting your manager know first.


Some Things to Remember While Quitting

–  Whatever may be the reason, you must not put off-the-cut remarks about your present or past employer

–  If you have nothing nice to say, do not say at all. Playing safe does not harm anyone.

–  Try ensuring a smooth transaction that helps you keep the business relationships strong

–  Remember, exit interviews are not therapy sessions, speak as much as required

–  Draft a constructive solution to something that you have observed rather than keeping anybody under the bus

–  If you have made some important connections at your current job, it is critical to keep those relationships strong.

–  Put in the effort to continue to build your reputation in your colleagues’ eyes even after you leave with being positive and creating a smooth transition

–  Clean up your files

Like these, there are other things that you must and must not do during the last few days at your present job.

Just remember no employer is permanent! So it is important to keep healthy relationships with each person you meet in your professional life.

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