Popular Job Destinations for Teaching English in the Middle East

Pursuing your dream job, exploring the world, and being paid for it, isn’t it a dream come true for you! With the closing of the year 2015, now everyone certainly plans for a great career ahead in 2016. If you are one of them, teaching English abroad provides excellent opportunities for you.

English is one of the widely spoken and written languages in the world. Millions of people speak English as their native language, whereas others speak it as a foreign language. Known as the language of global business, it is the key language on the Internet reaching millions. Hence, the working knowledge of English is required in various fields, making English teaching abroad a competitive and a rapidly growing career option.


Global Job Destinations

From the Middle East to Latin America and East Asia to Europe, the international job market for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) welcomes all the job seekers abroad as more and more young graduates are turning to English teaching profession. The Middle East witnesses a broad range of job market for the English teaching profession and offers the most competitive as well as lucrative ESL teaching positions.

Some of the most popular countries to find English teaching opportunities in the Middle East include the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon and Israel. In order to help you in your job search, here are the most popular global destinations to look for a Teaching English job abroad. Take a sneak peek:


The Popular Job Markets for Teaching English Abroad


1.  United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most coveted destinations for TEFL teachers, thus making the job market highly competitive. The majority of universities and schools begin to hire teachers in August or September. However, depending on the requirement of the employers in the country, job vacancies can also be available throughout the year. The UAE pays qualified teachers generously, while the un-taxed salary adds to the attraction of this job destination.

As per payscale.com, an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in the UAE can earn an average salary of approximately AED 120,300 p.a. Generally, some of the highly paid ESL jobs in the world are found in the UAE depending on the experience. Some of the most popular job markets in the country include Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


2.  Saudi Arabia



When talking about lucrative jobs and saving more money, there is no place like Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most attractive job markets for ESL teachers due to the government initiatives that encourage its people to learn English, resulting in more demand for English teachers.

The average salaries for a teaching job in Saudi Arabia can be as high as SAR 135,985 p.a. The non-taxed, high salaries are compounded with other non-salary benefits such as health insurance, housing and airfare reimbursement. ESL instructors and licensed teachers can find opportunities available with ESL schools, private international schools, universities, colleges, and language institutions. The majority of job opportunities are available in Jeddah and Riyadh, the most popular cities of Saudi Arabia.

3. Oman

Known for its traditional Arab culture, stunning coastlines, and desert vistas, the Sultanate of Oman is one of the most attractive destinations for English teachers on the Arabian Peninsula. Qualified ESL teachers can expect a lucrative, tax-free income with other benefits such as housing, health insurance and travel expenses for any assignments. Being a conservative Middle Eastern nation, the expats willing to work in Oman should exhibit sensitivity towards the local customs, traditions and laws. Most of the English teaching jobs are concentrated in Nizwa, Muscat, Sur and Salalah.


4. Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most coveted destinations for foreign teachers who are offered competitive and rewarding contracts from time to time. Since the majority of employers in Bahrain prefer highly experienced teachers, it is advisable to develop the required skills, language proficiency, and meet the degree requirements. English teachers are hired all the year round for educating children as well as business professionals. Most of the job opportunities are available in Manama, the capital and largest city of Bahrain.


5. Kuwait

Backed by the sixth largest oil reserves in the world, Kuwait offers a blend of the mesmerizing coastal scenery, modern infrastructure, the traditional Arab culture and stunning deserts. The country offers an exceptional teaching experience for job seekers willing to teach abroad. However, the job role demands the professionals to be flexible and dedicated with a clear understanding of the Arabic customs and culture.

Some of the popular cities for teaching English in the location include Kuwait City, Mina al Ahmadi, Al Jahrah, and Al Wafrah.

6. Jordan

Jordan offers a relatively smaller market for the English teaching profession in comparison to the other Arab countries. However, the traditional Bedouin culture, the popular ancient sites like Petra, and the hospitality offered by its people makes Jordan a popular work abroad destination. The official language is Arabic, but English is widely spoken in businesses.

Hence, English teachers find job opportunities with private and public schools and colleges. One can also earn by giving private teaching classes to business professionals. Major cities in Jordon to find the right job opportunities include Amman, Al Karak, AZ Zarqa, and Irbid.

Before choosing any work abroad location, it is imperative to do proper career research, understand the culture, analyze the cost of living and dive into the salary data for your job role.

Good luck!

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