Growth Prospects replace Salary as a prime reason for a job change in the Middle East, highlights NaukriGulf Poll

Key Highlights:

— 7% respondents said to be satisfied with their current jobs as opposed to a majority of 46.2% who is somewhat satisfied and unhappy at work. Another 35% respondents indicate high dissatisfaction and are actively looking for a job change.

— 60% respondents reported to seek new job opportunities for better growth prospects over 8% who would like to switch for an attractive compensation.

Of approximately 15,000 jobseekers in the Middle East polled recently by, 18.7% reported an overall satisfaction with their current jobs and are likely to stay there for a long period. It means that their work is a source of fulfilment for them and they feel passionate about it. Satisfied employees are the asset for the companies, add to their attractiveness for potential job seekers and largely contribute to the overall success.

46% said they are somewhat satisfied. Though they are not actively looking for jobs, however, would definitely want to switch if a good opportunity comes their way. Another 35% indicated high dissatisfaction with their current jobs.

The poll further looked into the reasons to figure out what motivates people to quit their current jobs. 60% of the poll’s respondents opted better growth opportunities as the topmost consideration while accepting a new job offer. This is an interesting finding as compensation used to be the primary driver of voluntary turnover till few years ago, which has now been chosen by 8% only.

An additional 9.5% said they prefer to switch jobs for better work life balance. In addition to the reasons listed above, better job role and a spoilt relationship with boss also emerged as the motivating factors for some to quit jobs, as reported by 7.8% and 3.1% respondents respectively.

While there can be other multiple idiosyncratic factors and personal situations that can impact the overall job satisfaction of an employee — these are a few factors in an organization’s orbit of influence that can be leveraged to improve employee contentment. The more the companies can learn about why employees are dissatisfied and leave them, the better off they are.

Tarun Aggarwal, Business Head- says, “I think the poll offers an interesting insight that jobseekers are looking at growth prospects as against only money. Employers need to work on career growth and talent development as a long term retention strategy.”


Methodology: recently conducted a series of polls that ask the professionals in the Middle East market about their job satisfaction level and the factors that affect it. The poll covers a plethora of sectors. These polls were run from Dec 7, 2016 to Jan 27, 2017 and the results are based on a sample of 15,000 respondents and gives a clear outlook about the job satisfaction level of professionals across the Middle East and helps employers to analyze the steps that can be taken to motivate and retain employees. In addition, the report unveils interesting statistics and information for job seekers to understand about the workplace satisfaction and the factors that lead to achieving it. The results are compiled using statistical and analytical techniques.

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