5 Tips for Writing a Professional Cover Letter

Professional Cover Letter

Are you still wondering if there is any chance of making it past the first round of cuts when searching a job? Yes, it is possible. Writing a professional cover letter is a tested way for grabbing a recruiter’s attention. But most of the job seekers do not know how and why a cover letter is important for their job search success, and therefore, spend most of their time in writing a CV only. Hence, before rushing to begin with a cover letter, let’s first understand the importance of writing a cover letter.



Why is it needed?

If you are still wondering if anyone really reads it, you can be assured of the fact that cover letters are considered a vital part of job application and are actually read by hiring managers. So, why you should leave any opportunity that can help you stay ahead of the competition?


Tips for Writing a Perfect Cover Letter

Check these 5 quick tips that can help you stop struggling with writing a job-winning cover letter.


Tip 1: Choose the right type of cover letter

Choosing a suitable type of cover letter that specifies the kind of job search assistance you are seeking from the contact person is crucial. Design and customize your cover letter for each position you are applying for. Many job seekers are not aware that there are different types of cover letters based on the job search. These include application letters, letter of interest, referral cover letters, value proposition letter, and networking.


Tip 2: Don’t copy-paste your CV

No employer wants to read the same information on your CV as well as cover letter. Therefore, instead of repeating the detail already available on CV, utilize the space on cover letter to mention additional and relevant details only. This also helps you to reduce the length of your CV.


Tip 3: Keep it crisp and short

Going over the page is never recommended for writing a professional cover letter. Limiting the length of your letter to one page indicates how well you can organize and present only the relevant information to employers.


Tip 4. Add relevant keywords to your letter

A smart approach to ensuring that all information mentioned in your letter gets counted and works towards your chances of getting shortlisted is the use of relevant keywords. You can choose and insert three types of keywords- skill based (such as planned, trained, designed, analyzed, etc.), recognition related (such as promoted, selected), and result-oriented keywords (such as initiated, increased, implemented, etc.). Nowadays, employers scan and shortlist applications based on keywords that are relevant for their job openings only.


Tip 5: Use the right format

A professional cover letter format helps you make a case for your candidacy by sending the information in a clear manner to the employer. Here are some basic but important formatting tips that should be kept in mind when writing your letter:

– Font selection: The font style and size used in a cover letter decides how clear and readable your document looks to the reader. Although there is no rule to choosing the font, however, simple font styles like Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman or Cambria work well. The font size of 10 to 12 gives more clarity.

– Proper Spacing: Maintain proper spacing between lines and paragraphs to avoid making your letter look messy. Making job seekers avoid the importance of writing a clean and easy to read cover letter that increases the chance of sending it to trash.

– Include an eye-catching headline: Adding a headline is an interesting formatting idea that helps in catching the attention of the recruiters easily. However, your headline should give a crisp idea about your experience, industry or even career goal that sends the right message to the employers.

Once everything is done, remember to proofread all the details mentioned in the cover letter. For more clarity, check different cover letter samples and choose the best one that completely meets your requirement.


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All the best!


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