Tips to Promote Effective Teamwork in the Workplace


If a person takes an hour to complete a task, how long will it take two people to complete the task? The mathematical answer would be ’30 minutes’.

This example clearly shows the importance of teamwork. Additionally, when working as a team, efforts are strengthened, thereby reducing the time of action and improving the resulting effectiveness. This way of working, in which all the team members are responsible and committed to achieving a common goal, is the most assertive for any organization.


What is Teamwork?

The word ’team’ itself implies the inclusion of more than one person, which means that the stated objective cannot be achieved without the help of all its members. It’s like a soccer game, where all team members must collaborate and be in the same state of mind, that is, to win. Here are some tips for promoting effective teamwork in the workplace:


  1. 1. Building Trust

Trust is the main element of teamwork. It fosters an environment where all the team members respect each other’s’ work and help each other in achieving the desired business objective.


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  1. 2. Establishing Common Objectives

For the employees to work as a team they must pursue the common goals. For this reason, it is important that there is a clear communication of company’s objective to the employees in a planned way. Leadership plays an important role in establishing common objectives where a leader guides and motivates the team to get the best of results.


  1. 3. Creating a Sense of Belonging

The most powerful factor in the creation of team is the development of a common identity. It is the leader’s task to define the strengths of the individuals ​​and make each member aware of their impact on the team.


  1. 4. Involving People in Decisions

Nothing affects teamwork more if the decisions are made by an autocrat leader. If people are involved in major decision making, they feel motivated and thus great ideas pop up. This also instills a sense of ownership in individuals.


  1. 5. Promoting Empathy

It is very easy to criticize or underestimate the work of others. A successful teamwork requires empathy among the peers as well as superiors. Empathy is all about showing a deep respect towards co-workers and show that you care. To achieve this, rotation exercises can be taken up, which may help the team members to know what the other’s work consists of and everyone can contribute to accomplishing a common goal.


  1. 6. Mutual Commitment

Achievements or failures are the responsibility of each and every member of the team. Mutual commitment involves diagnosing, analyzing, and resolving problems and conflicts arising in the team or between two people. Members work in collaboration with each other to ensure mutual resolution of the disagreements and problems.


  1. 7. Celebrating Group Successes

Recognizing individual as well as team work are imperative to the overall well-being of the team. When something goes well, it’s always a great idea to celebrate the success.


  1. 8. Open & Clear Communication

For a strong teamwork, an open, honest, and respectful communication is the key. Team members should have the freedom to express themselves freely and feel that they are being listened to by everyone in the team.


  1. 9. Being a Leader

A robust and confident leader motivates and empowers the team to pursue self-investment and self-improvement consistently. Just assigning the tasks to the team members and acting bossy doesn’t make someone a leader. A leader should not be afraid to take up the little jobs.

So leaders, do the work, get your hands dirty and earn respect from your team.


Getting these above factors right will definitely help in promoting effective teamwork in the workplace. Interpersonal relationships and team bonding are the ingredients for any business to perform well. Make them happen in the workplace and set examples.

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