Tips for Working Mothers This Ramadan

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First of all, Naukrigulf would like to wish ‘Ramadan Kareem’. Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a period of retrospection, charity and above all a commitment to the religious responsibilities. The most challenging task in this period is that of fasting, which usually happens from dawn to dusk. Fasting is seen as something which helps the people to detach themselves from the worldly pleasures of life and focus on prayers that bring the faithful closer to Allah. These periods also serves the purpose of reminding the faithful of the sufferings of the less fortunate and bring charity closer to their heart.

This article is going to deal with a challenge of modern times – working mothers. Working during the Ramadan period is a tiresome task, and it is difficult to sometimes focus on the work. That is why in the Middle Eastern states, the working periods are cut to half during Ramadan. But, if you are not in an Islamic country you need to be prepared for it. It becomes even more challenging when you are a working mother. Here are some tips that will help you make your work and personal life go smoothly throughout the month:


Be More Organised


This month you not only have to remain composed spiritually but also remain organised professionally. Pull out your planner and make a daily routine; more importantly, you need to stick to it. Make appropriate schedules for offering prayers, doing your home chores, attending to your family’s needs and looking after your kid’s homework or studies.

Remember your priority should always be prayers and you should schedule your planner accordingly so that it is not hampered while you have enough time to perform your work. Leave out things which do not require immediate attention.


Learn Some Cooking Hacks


If you are a great cook, your family is definitely a lucky one. But that does not mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen to create scrumptious meals every iftar. Preparing a meal for the family is a tiresome and time-consuming task, which becomes even more challenging when you are fasting while taking care of the job and child at the same time.

Plan your meals according to your abilities. If you think you have enough time to make a full course meal, go for it; otherwise, it is no shame to pull those frozen meatballs out of the freezer. Sometimes if you are too busy, you can go for pre-cooked meals for iftar and sehr. It is also a healthy option to make meals that are light on the stomach while being nutritious enough to provide you the energy that is needed.


Make The Use Of Technology To Shop


Online shopping has come as one of the biggest boons for people who have no time to go for shopping physically. You can save a lot of valuable time in the Ramadan month by shopping online and of course, save some money too. Nowadays one can even buy groceries online and you do not have to worry about the quality. Leave the items that can’t be shopped through online for weekend shopping.


Learn To Delegate Your Work


Got a pending work at the office which someone else can cover for you? You should learn to delegate your work. Doing all the household chores at home? Stop being a supermom for at least the Ramadan period. Delegate some of the responsibilities.

During the time of Ramadan, and some other time as well, you should understand it is better for everyone if you hand over the reins and relax a bit. At the workplace, you can hand some of your responsibilities over to someone who can do the work. This can help you to leave a bit early on that day. At home, you can let your husband do some of the task or even let your kids do some small tasks that need no supervision.

You can also delegate your child care responsibilities to some who is trustworthy while you are busy with your prayers or work.


Be True To Yourself And Know Your Interests


Sometimes you may fall ill or it may be extremely important for you to travel somewhere. As a working mom, you cannot always blame yourself for these. When you understand that your intentions are true, but you are not able to fast, refrain from doing so. It will harm you more than doing good.

Fasting is an obligatory practice and through this one can reach a high position of taqwa. At the same time, there is a provision that if anyone falls sick, travelling to a distant place or it is beyond their volition of keeping fast, then one can refrain from doing so. Thus, be true to yourself and your faith. Do not feel guilty and fast when you get better or come back to your place.


Schedule Some Time With Your Family


Iftar is a perfect time to be with your family and share the religious spirit. So schedule your work timing such that you can spend some time with your family. This will help everyone in the family to bond better. Remember, a family that spends time together is a happy family. This will also give enough time to spend with your kids.


Set Realistic Deadlines


Never set any work deadlines that are unrealistic and you have doubt doing it on time. This will hamper both your work at the office and in your personal life. You will find yourself running after deadlines instead of spending time on prayers and with family. You can talk with your manager and I am sure that anyone will understand that this is a special month, which needs special considerations.

The secret to maintaining both your life – at home and at office – is to stay strong. Ok, this is no secret but it is something you should fix in your mind. You have the power to do it. In the end of the month, you will realise that it has made you stronger and brought you closer to what you hold dear or have faith in.

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