Another Reason to Live & Work in the UAE: It’s the Happiest Arab Country

The UAE has been ranked as the happiest country in the Gulf region for the third consecutive year in the UN World Happiness Report 2017. The UAE is followed by Qatar at 35th position, Saudi Arabia at 37th, Kuwait at 39th, and Bahrain at 41st rank. The UAE has climbed to 21st rank in the fifth World Happiness Report by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network compared to 28th rank in 2016. To celebrate the International Day of Happiness that falls on March 20 every year, the report issued by the Earth Institute at Columbia University revealed that the UAE is a happier country than the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and the US.

Happiness is increasingly considered as a measure of social progress, and the UAE’s progress recorded in the Happiness Report is the result of its forward-thinking vision and the initiatives taken by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. The report ranked 157 countries based on happiness levels using six key parameters:

— GDP per capita

— Healthy years of life expectancy

— Social support

— Trust (measured by a perceived absence of corruption in business and government)

— Perceived freedom to make life decisions

— Generosity (measured by recent donations)


The UAE has also become the first country in the world to appoint ‘the UAE Minister for Happiness’ last year. With the appointment of Her Excellency Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi as the Happiness Minister, the country aims to create social good and increase satisfaction among its people.

If you need more reasons to ensure why working in the UAE is a good option, here’s a list:


Top compelling reasons to live & work in the UAE

Known as one of the most popular job destinations, the UAE is rapidly growing its popularity for several reasons:


Job Opportunities

The UAE is a great option for finding employment opportunities. As per HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey 2015, expats from various parts of the world flock to this Arab country due to the availability of better job opportunities and higher salaries. Several top global and national companies have their base in the UAE, thus creating lucrative career opportunities for job seekers. Moreover, after the UAE win of hosting the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, more lucrative career opportunities await the job seekers. Following its path of Vision 2021, the country is boosting Emiratization efforts and aims to increase the UAE nationals employed in the private sector by tenfold by the year 2021, thus creating opportunities for everyone.

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Tax-free Income

Apart from offering higher salaries, the income is also tax-free. The generous benefit packages and zero tax on income is the major attraction for the job seekers. Altogether, the benefits offered by the UAE employers enable the people to enjoy a greater quality of life.


Quality Lifestyle

Several surveys have mentioned that expats in the UAE enjoy a better lifestyle and better accommodation facilities in the country. A comfortable and quality lifestyle makes expats feel at home in the UAE, thus, attracting more job seekers for relocation. Moreover, the UAE nationals also rank the country high on quality of life survey. The UAE government gives special emphasis on investing and taking steps that help to improve the citizen’s welfare through healthcare, education and security measures.


Economic and Social freedom

The UAE is the leading Arab country in the Middle East and ranked 8th globally in the 2017 Index of Economic Freedom released by the US-based Heritage Foundation. The country showed a significant progress in its ranking compared to the 25th global ranking and 2nd in the Middle East in the 2016 index.


Safety & Security

For any person, the safety of a place is a major concern. Those who choose to live in the UAE can relax when safety and security are concerned. The Arab country consistently scores high on account of providing a safe environment and is among the safest countries in the world. It also ranks well on factors such as lowest crime rate and lowest homicide rate. Women are safe and treated with respect. The UAE government strictly adheres to the factors of order and security to provide a safe place for its people.

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The UAE always thrives to build its position as a global leader in attracting the best talent for investment and business opportunities. Owing to these factors, the UAE continues to be one of the most popular and happiest nations in the world.


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