Reasons That Are Keeping You Unemployed in the UAE

The UAE job market is flourishing with numerous job opportunities in different sectors. With the upcoming events like Dubai Expo 2020, job opportunities in the UAE</stron
To give you a head start, here are some of the possible reasons that may be keeping you unemployed:


Mistake #1: Filling out online applications randomly

It is a common notion among job seekers that the more job openings they apply to the more they will hear back from the recruiters. Choosing quantity over quality is not an effective approach for landing a job. Instead of applying to random jobs, invest some time and energy into searching and applying to only relevant ones and than you can apply online. Therefore, the right strategy is to identify the factors that you would consider during the job search, such as companies, job role, and even location. Accordingly, you can make a list of relevant job openings for reaching out to the recruiters.

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Mistake#2: Not sending the customized CV

The term ‘No one-size-fits-all’ fits perfectly for CVs. A standard CV cannot meet every recruiter’s requirement. To make yourself appear as a natural fit for what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate, you should know how to customize your CV. It requires a simple approach. Search the important keywords in the job description shared by the recruiter and add them to your CV. Since most of the recruiters rely on the ATS system to shortlist the appropriate job applications, adding the relevant keywords increase your chances of getting noticed by the recruiters.

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Mistake#3: Not researching about the company

To get a job, you must successfully crack the job interview. This is possible only when you have prepared well for the interview. Not having any knowledge about the company you are going to interview for is one of the biggest mistakes that may cost you the job opportunity. Knowledge about the company’s business, products & services, values, etc., shows that you have prepared well for the interview and are genuinely interested in the job opportunity. Furthermore, you will be able to come up with good and interesting answers to the recruiter’s questions which will only win you brownie points. So do study the official website of the company carefully before appearing for the job interview.


Mistake#4: Not communicating about your job search

Applying to jobs online is important, but it is not enough. Building a strong career network is equally crucial. Not communicating about your job search with anyone keeps you one step behind in your job search. Therefore, connect with more people both, online and offline to build a wider professional network. Search for and join online groups to connect with professionals in the sector you are truly interested in finding a job in the UAE. You never know any contact might refer you the latest job opening with his/her company in the UAE.

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Mistake#5: Not following up with the hiring manager

Always make it a point to follow up with the hiring manager after the interview. It is the perfect way to convey to the recruiter that you genuinely wish to work for their company. It also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism by sending a ‘thank you note’. Most of the times the hiring managers may delay in getting back to you due to thousands of applications for a particular job, but following-up helps in reminding the person about you and gain an advantage over job seekers who simply keep waiting for weeks.

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Mistake#6: Getting influenced by past failures

Getting a job in the UAE needs you to make consistent efforts. It is quite possible that you may have to face rejections in your job search journey. Moaning over your past failures instead of learning from them and moving ahead is one of the mistakes you must avoid at any cost. We all have to face some rejections in life. However, when searching for a job, it becomes extremely important for you as a job seeker to deal with it right so that it cannot influence your preparation for success.

Be aware of the hurdles (mistakes) that are keeping you unemployed. Doing so will help you direct your efforts in the right direction. So, understand where you need to improve and keep moving forward.

Good luck!


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