5 Reasons Why Taking a Job in Doha, Qatar is a Good Option

Working in Doha, Qatar

Every year, thousands of people from across the globe walk out of the Hamad International Airport to begin a new life in Qatar. Doha, the capital city, is one of the most modern and rapidly developing cities and home to a vibrant expat community from a range of origins. In fact, the majority of the population, both nationals and expats, of the country live in the cosmopolitan city of Doha. There are plenty of reasons for this and if you are an expat thinking of moving to an abroad city for work, we are here to give you ample reasons as to why you should take a job in Doha, Qatar.


  • Why you must take a job in Doha, Qatar


  • 1. Doha is a haven for expats searching for job vacancies outside their countries.

Being the economic center of Qatar, job opportunities are majorly concentrated in Doha. Qatar is essentially an economy that is heavily dependent on the oil & gas sector. Therefore, for those who have the experience, educational qualification, and/or interest in the oil, gas and petroleum industry, Qatar will prove to be a great job destination.

However, for many years now, the Qatari government has been making steady efforts to diversify the nation’s economy and reduce its dependence on the oil & gas industry. As a result, numerous other sectors such as Power, Construction, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Education, and Hospitality & Tourism are also slowly emerging not just in terms of their contribution to the economy but also as potential employment sectors.

What’s great is that the headquarters and corporate offices of a majority of major companies such as Gulf Drilling International, Qatar Petroleum, KAHRAMAA, Ooredoo, Qatar National Bank, Qatar National Cement Company, Hamad Medical Corporation, etc., are located in Doha. Therefore, Doha is where job seekers/ working professionals want to be.

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  • 2. Living in the capital city of the world’s richest nation has its perks.

As per the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) October 2017 data, Qatar has emerged as the richest country in the world. The rankings were arrived at after comparing the Gross Domestic Product and various other factors for different countries around the globe.

Most Gulf countries are known for offering lucrative compensation packages, tax-free salaries and a great lifestyle to expats and Qatar is not an exception. According to the IMF, the total GDP in Qatar is approximately $124,930 per person. Naturally, living and working in Doha will make you a part of the growing and rich economy. Also, as discussed in the previous point, finding jobs in Doha is easy as the capital offers more opportunities.

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  • 3. Female expats can expect to earn big and save big.

While we are talking about lucrative compensation packages, it is important to note that Qatar is a country where ambition women can really thrive. In a survey conducted by HSBC (Expat Explorer Survey) in 2015, approximately 10,000 female expats rated Qatar as the best across six different criteria namely:

‎✓  Progressing their career

‎✓  Increased earning

‎✓  Ability to save more

‎‎✓  Better quality of life

‎‎✓  Active social life

‎‎✓  Ease of settling in quickly

Naturally, all these points apply to Doha as well since it has already been established that career prospects are greater in the capital city.


  • 4. You will be living in the most peaceful nation of the MENA region.

One of the most important factors for expats while deciding upon a jobs destination is safety. By deciding to move to Doha, you will not have to worry much about that. According to the Global Peace Index 2017 report, Qatar grabbed the top position as the most peaceful nation in the Middle East region for the ninth time in a row. This is just another feather in the cap for Qatar.


  • 5. It will be the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

By winning the bid to host the coveted FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar has become the first Arab nation to have ever gotten such a grand opportunity. For soccer buffs, this might be a good enough reason for moving to Doha as plans are underway for building three new stadiums for the event where the matches will be played. However, it also brings with it a lot of opportunities for the job seekers and career-oriented professionals.

Preparations for the World Cup are going on full swing and developments are happening in all the directions to make Qatar ready for the huge audience that’s slated to attend the event. Various big projects have been completed and numerous others are either ongoing or underway, such as the Msheired Downtown Doha Development, Doha Metro, as well as the construction of various sports stadiums. Not just the construction industry, the event has positive implications in terms of job creation on other sectors such as real estate, hospitality, and tourism as well.

With so much happening, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that moving to Doha for a job will be a great career move for you.


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